The Angry Designer
3 Types of New Logo Makeovers & How to Pitch them!
3 Types of New Logo Makeovers & How to Pitch them! 41:46 Printing: What This College Failed to Teach Graphic Designers 59:43 How-to Make Infographics that Rock! 50:58 Maximalism in Design: Breaking the Boundaries of Graphic Design 1:02:17 What We Love About Being a Graphic Designer: Inspiring Quotes from Fellow Designers 53:19 Personal Branding For Graphic Designers - How-to Create & Rock One! 54:07 Brandmark vs Lettermark vs Wordmark: which is the logo of the future? 42:08 Managing Your Mental Health for Graphic Designers 48:57 Design Like Water: Graphic Design Lessons from Bruce Lee 48:22 A Conversation with Allan Peters: Logo Process, Bad Customers & A Gunshot Wound 1:16:06 A Conversation with Graphic Designer Allan Peters 1:10:58 Creating Creative Workspaces: Desk Setup Ideas for Graphic Designers 58:40 Arrogant Graphic Designers: Toxic Behaviours We Should be Aware of 1:06:40 Horrible Job Titles: Graphic Designers Beware!!! 55:09 How-to handle BAD Graphic Design feedback 1:07:39 The Good, Bad and Ugly Truth of Graphic Design PART 2! 46:37 Graphic Design: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 41:21 Paul Rands Career Advice Tips for Graphic Designers 1:03:53 Paul Rands 7-Step Logo Test for Graphic Designers 56:01 The Most Effective Logo: Which Type of Logo Do Consumers Prefer? 45:02 Productivity Powerhouse Tips for Graphic Designers - PART 2 57:11 30 Tips to Skyrocket a Graphic Designers Efficiency 50:16 What the Future Graphic Designer will look like 55:41 How-to recharge your Graphic Design Inspiration - staying ahead of designer burnout 53:12 Gifts EVERY Graphic Designer should treat themselves to this Holiday Season 1:14:53