The Ambitious Introvert Podcast

Q2 Business Round Up

July 26, 2021 Emma-Louise Parkes Season 1 Episode 44
The Ambitious Introvert Podcast
Q2 Business Round Up
Show Notes

Welcome to the quarterly wrap up episode! I’m recording this the first week in July and have just looked back through all the data, the numbers, and my calendar. So today you’ll be able to hear what went well (and not so well!), what I learned and where I think The Ambitious Introvert is headed.

You'll hear:

  • When to focus on quality rather than quantity
  • Why you should never underestimate organic growth
  • How Pinterest marketing has impacted my business
  • A reminder why the bigger picture is better to focus on at times
  • How I’ve stayed visible daily and how it’s helped my business
  • An update on things outside of business, too
  • The concept of “As If” by Jack Canfield and living as your highest self

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