MRSpride talks to Chloe Fowler of Nest Research and Ed Jervis founder of Inclusion.Earth
MRSpride talks to Chloe Fowler of Nest Research and Ed Jervis founder of Inclusion.Earth
Apr 28, 2021

Welcome to OUTsights, a podcast brought to you by MRSpride and our principal sponsor YouGov. MRSpride is committed to represent, support and amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ colleagues, allies and heroes.

We are joined this time by two amazing guests. Chloe Fowler, a veritable veteran of the industry, most recently having launched her solo venture Nest Research, a qual agency focusing on storytelling. Chloe spotlights her career in the industry so far, talks about writing actual letters with actual stamps and writing about sheep. She discusses the tricky balance between bringing your whole self to work (see, shaved heads and Diva magazine hobbies) and being a neutral moderator in order to do your job well (see, changing language to partner not wife, and playing down any 'tells'). Her new projects still allow her an outlet to be deeply bossy and controlling, and watch out for her latest book based on an Elvis Drag King... what more could you want.

Our second guest Ed Jervis, is an inclusive distributor and hugely passionate about it. Early years as a gay catholic in the troubles fostered a passion for social justice and inclusion.

His focus is on upending talent aquisition to better drive EDI. Through 2 new projects, Inclusion Crowd, and Inclusive.Earth a global Think Tank, Ed is challenging passive thinking and action by exposing organisations to apply the same logic as other commercial focused initiatives for inclusivity. He's not happy with the rate of change and he's here to do something about it. If you need inspiration or advice, don't hesitate to reach out to him.

Our Hosts:
Josephine Hansom- MD at Youthsight, getting a better understanding Gen Z and Millennials
Sabrina Trinquetel- UK Sales Lead at Measure Protocol, a person-based data marketplace specialising in behavioural data.

Our Guests:

Ed Jervis- Founder of the global Think Tank- Inclusion.Earth, and founder of Inclusion Crowd, helping organisations create authentic DEI programmes and recruitment.
Chole Fowler- Founder of Nest Research, story focussed qual research, co-founder of Razor Research and author

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