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Ali Llewellyn and Nick Skytland on Looking at What Comes Next & Innovating at NASA and in Life

January 26, 2021 Laurie Nichols & Ann Chow Season 2 Episode 3
Heromakers Podcast
Ali Llewellyn and Nick Skytland on Looking at What Comes Next & Innovating at NASA and in Life
Show Notes

In this episode of the Heromakers Podcast, Laurie and Ann talk with Nick Skytland and Ali Llewellyn about working at NASA, finding your calling, helping others to dream big, and of course, their new book, What Comes Next?: Shaping the Future in an Ever-Changing World - A Guide for Christian Leaders.

Nick is an author, consultant, technologist, innovator, and triathlete. He is cofounder, along with Ali, of Quite Uncommon, a strategy and consulting firm that helps ministry leaders navigate the future. He also works at NASA in the Exploration Technology Office helping usher in the future of human space exploration. His technical and leadership experience has helped him build high performing teams and pioneer new ways of doing business in both government and industry for over two decades. He has trained astronauts, designed next-generation spacesuits, developed open source technology, led missional movements, and created some of the largest purpose-driven collaborations in history.

Ali is co-founder of Quite Uncommon and is a strategist and collaboration leader at NASA, currently directing the 1958 Coworking Space at the Johnson Space Center. She has more than two decades of cross-sector experience in growing effective teams and building engaged communities with resiliency and foresight - including for some of the largest hackathons in the world. 

We talk about their journeys to both NASA and launching a consulting firm as well as the importance of sharing what you know and pouring into other people. 

You can find Nick on IG @Skytland and Ali @adllewellyn. You can visit their website here: http://quiteuncommon.com or here: https://futuresframework.com

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