Chowdene Church Gateshead

Practical Prayer Tips - Lex Hinds

May 03, 2022 Chowdene Church
Chowdene Church Gateshead
Practical Prayer Tips - Lex Hinds
Show Notes

                                   THIS PRAYING THING

I suppose someone, somewhere has got it all wrapped up…
This praying thing….
But it’s not me!
If I were called on to pray in public
I think I’d die…honestly-

Or If I didn’t die, I’d clam-up and stutter out
Some stupid things I’d heard other folk say
And it wouldn’t really be me!

 I’ve heard folk say that praying is just like having a
Conversation with You-
But I’m not much good at making conversation either-
Especially with people I don’t know,
And I sometimes feel I don’t know you really well,

There are lots of things I don’t like about praying, actually!
For instance-
I don’t like it when people sound as tho’ they’ve got it all
rehearsed and off pat!
You must have noticed, surely!

But then-
I don’t much care for the over chatty types; 
That doesn’t seem very natural to me, either,
At least, not in public!
So You see the problem…

It looks as tho’ I’ve got to find my own way to you!

Do you know how I’d like to think of it?
I’d like to think of it as ‘coming home’…
You know how it is?
If you want to talk-you do!

If you don’t…you don’t!
And everyone understands!

 Could it be like that between me and You?
That wherever I am
Whenever my thought turn to You,
You would count that as prayer?
Because if it wasn’t a difficult thing
I think it would happen more often!

 Joy Webb