The Lancet Global Health in conversation with
Clara Frick and Isabelle Soerjomataram on preventable and treatable deaths from 36 cancers worldwide
Clara Frick and Isabelle Soerjomataram on preventable and treatable deaths from 36 cancers worldwide 15:31 Madeleine Ballard and Biziweck Malitoni on labour exploitation of community health worker systems 14:05 Carolina Coll and Joe Murray on intimate partner violence and maternal parenting 18:47 Rizwana Chaudhri and Ian Roberts on maternal anaemia and post-partum haemorrhage 17:45 Xiang Wu and Maha Aon on the past, present and future of global health for the 10th anniversary of The Lancet Global Health 25:32 Hasbullah Thabrany and Augustine Asante on Indonesia’s national health insurance scheme 24:11 Simon Wigley and Luke Allen on non-communicable disease policy implementation 18:15 Pamela Jeyaraj and Stephen Knight on malnutrition and cancer surgery outcomes across the world 16:38 Refiloe Masekela and Luis Garcia-Marcos on worldwide asthma management 19:36 Martha Mushi and Dominique Green on antimicrobial resistance and the role of poverty in the misuse of antibiotics in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda 16:44 Kate Grabowski and Joseph Kagaayi on STI prevalence in Uganda 21:20 Manoj Murhekar and William Moss on Measles and Rubella vaccination campaigns in India 20:16 Olusegun Alatise on colorectal cancer screening in Nigeria 14:27 Melanie Lowe and Deepti Adlakha on urban design, transport, and health 21:04 Kara Hanson on financing primary health care 19:19 Rashidatu Kamara and Tom Wingfield on MDR-TB in Sierra Leone 23:57 Sanjib Kumar Sharma on snakebite in Nepal 13:58 Leo Martinez and Heather Zar on cytomegalovirus acquisition 16:00 Juliet Mwanga-Amumpaire on delivering HIV tests in rural Uganda 10:54 Avram Denburg and Curt Bodkyn on childhood cancer medicine access 13:24 Kristie Watego on a new birthing service for First Nations Australians 7:31 Vision beyond 2020 24:20 The global burden of cervical cancer associated with HIV 7:40 Impact of lockdown on maternal and newborn health in Nepal 10:16 Improving the quality of preterm maternity care 29:10