She Means Profit

Cash Confidence & Creating A Profitable Business

August 29, 2022 Melissa Houston
She Means Profit
Cash Confidence & Creating A Profitable Business
Show Notes

A big key to building wealth and creating a business that’s profitable is cash confidence. Cash confidence ties into the good old money mindset and is so vital to achieving your financial dreams and goals. Are you feeling cash confident? Do you know how to take that cash confidence and use it to build profit?

It’s well known that in order to stay afloat, a business needs to bring in money a.k.a. revenue. But in order to build that wealth within and from your business, you need to focus on profit. Profit margins are a key part of your business to optimize, and optimizing them goes hand in hand with cash confidence. As you focus your energy onto what’s profitable, you are doing part of the work to become cash confident. But there’s a whole system that I recommend!

In this week’s episode, we go over the cash confidence framework in-depth, and get super specific on the five action steps to getting a good financial handle on your business. We’re all about being cash confident to build wealth and, if you’re on a profit-producing journey, you won’t want to miss this episode!

You’ll Learn:

  • What cash confidence means
  • Why it’s important to growing wealth
  • How profit margins should play into wealth creation
  • The top five steps to having a good financial handle on your business


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