The EstoBro TV Podcast

Curveball at the Crossroads

August 11, 2021 99th Avenue Productions, Michael Lortz Episode 35
The EstoBro TV Podcast
Curveball at the Crossroads
Show Notes

With the absence of TV from the show, EstoBro hosted the podcast with special guest Michael Lortz. He and EstoBro begin the show with how a broadcast of murder would go during a sporting event before breaking down the rap career starting for Cole Beasley (2:30). EstoBro encourages his guest to discuss all things Tampa Bay Rays (11:00) as Mr. Lortz is an ideal fan of the local baseball team. Since baseball is the primary focal point of this episode, Mr. Lortz also takes the time to discuss his book Curveball at the Crossroads (40:10). EstoBro throws a few questions his guest's way to discuss the book and learn about Mr. Lortz's inspiration for the story.

You can learn more about Michael Lortz and his book here at: <> and can follow Mr. Lortz on Twitter @TBBaseballMkt 

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