Platinum Property Podcast

Franchising Focus

May 28, 2021 Platinum Property Partners Season 1 Episode 7
Platinum Property Podcast
Franchising Focus
Show Notes

In our last episode of Series 1, we're joined by The British Franchise Association, to talk in detail about franchising and what it means.
The BFA was originally founded in 1977 by a group of franchisors, in order to differentiate themselves and provide a space for good and ethical franchisors to help their franchisees.

They currently represent a third of UK franchisors, as well as 700+ franchisees and 100 suppliers and affiliates.
Platinum Director Emma speaks with CEO of the BFA, Pip Wilkins, to discuss the benefits of franchising, what it means to be part of the BFA and how Platinum works closely with them to provide excellent service. Pip has been CEO for more than five years now and involved in the franchise space for 20+ years, so we really have got the best person to speak about this.
Listen to the podcast for answers to questions such as:

·         Who are the BFA?

·         What is franchising?

·         What are the benefits of franchising?

·         What does it mean to be part of the BFA ?

·         How Platinum is working with the BFA?