Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla

Hooking it with a happy GIF

October 14, 2022 Dr Gladys Ato and Ulla Gaudin, music by Eicca Toppinen. All rights reserved. Season 7 Episode 5
Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla
Hooking it with a happy GIF
Show Notes

Oh how we LOVE Dead Elle & Rick!!! They totally interjected their way into today's episode and decided that you need to learn how to hook it with a happy GIF so you can bask in the great, expansive, feel-good energy of your biggest desires!!

If you have a huge desire that you've been afraid to let grow because you can't fathom how it will come true, this episode is going to change all that for you in a quick second because NOTHING. and we mean NOTHING, is meant to diminish your dreams from existing. NOTHING, not even any shred of evidence you see in "reality" is meant to talk you out of your dreams. Your desires are there to guide you to an amazing, joy-filled life, so stop making it so fucking hard to receive all the magic!! 

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