Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla

Dying can be deadly ☠️

July 30, 2021 Season 2 Episode 5
Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla
Dying can be deadly ☠️
Show Notes

Other people’s energies are like the humidity of a New Orleans summer…you can’t escape it. If you’re not aware of how you take on those energies, it can get stinky fast…as in deadly stinky. 🔥💀🧯💩

Any time you take on another person’s energy, you neglect what you really desire and leave your truth at the corner of Market and 53rd St. for it to die. 

When you…

  • get involved in someone else’s drama because you feel bad and want to help fix things
  • say yes to every demand from your family when you really want to tell them to piss off
  • feel obligated to get a job because everyone around you has one but you are independently wealthy and would secretly be fine living the golf-cart lifestyle…

These are all ways you let yourself die each day without realizing it. Until you wake up at 55 questioning what you’ve done with your life and don’t know who you are. 

Keep taking on other people’s energies and you become the walking dead - without any of the fun that death can bring. Screw that! 😝

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