Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla

How to talk to dead people 101

October 15, 2021 Dr Gladys Ato and Ulla Gaudin, music by Eicca Toppinen. All rights reserved. Season 3 Episode 1
Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla
How to talk to dead people 101
Show Notes

They wake Ulla up in the middle of the night with their constant chatter and brilliantly fun ideas. 👻 Gladys is going to get her ears cleaned out so she can hear them better. 🙉

Our dear, dead loved ones are talking to all of us…all the time. So how do you talk back to them?

In this Season 3 premiere episode, we’re going to get the earwax out of your ears so you can listen to your dearly departed and learn how to have fabulous chats with them. As you start tuning into their messages, you’re gonna realize that they never left you. And they’re so wanting to connect with you on the regular. And bring your heart so much ease. 

So tune in to this episode and discover how you can talk to your dead people today and get in on all their great suggestions to make your life way more fun.

Will people think you’re crazy? Yep. But as the dead people say, who cares?? You’re going to die anyway. 🏴‍☠️💬🥳🧚🏽‍♀️✨💕

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