Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla

It was a dark and stormy night ☔️⛈😈

November 05, 2021 Dr Gladys Ato and Ulla Gaudin, music by Eicca Toppinen. All rights reserved. Season 3 Episode 3
Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla
It was a dark and stormy night ☔️⛈😈
Show Notes

Shit’s scary out there in the world. There’s viruses. Political wars. Freak bomb cyclones. Facebook’s Metaverse. 

You manage to dodge your way through it all but need a freaking martini and gummies to feel a sliver of normalcy at night. We get it! 

Know what’s even darker and stormier than that stuff? 

Letting yourself get pummeled by all that crap and believing  life has to be hard and bad things are going to happen to you and you’re going to die.

Now that’s some real scary shit right there. 🧟‍♀️👹🐉☠️😈

Well, we say fuck getting pummeled by those storms. 

You’re not meant to be one of the walking dead slugging your way through the dark nights. You’re definitely not meant to be so damn hard on yourself each step of the way either. 

So listen in as we sweep out all the ⛈☔️⛈ clogging your mind so you can stop beating yourself up all the time and making life hard.

We’re going to release you from all the negative mind chatter jerking you around and show you how to be the damn rainbow and sunshine in your own life. 🥳🌈🦄☀️

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