Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla

Google rabbit hole 🌀

December 03, 2021 Season 3 Episode 7
Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla
Google rabbit hole 🌀
Show Notes

Google is great. Really. It’s replacing the need to think or to get an education. 

But If you don’t watch your step, you can quickly fall headfirst into the infinite hole of useless information where you crawl out believing you have dermatitis 😳 coupled with conjunctivitis 😱 and are suspect to pancreatitis 😭  if you keep wearing those rubber-soled heels that prevent you from earthing properly - and you should also stop eating kale because it can lead to a variant type of bloating that will for sure get your lover to leave you. 💨🙊

So what’s the alternative? 

Stop putting your life into the hands (or databases) of others! 

In all fairness, it’s not Google that’s messed up. It’s how you’re using Google - and using other people - to sort out your life, leaving you in a vicious feedback loop of negative, negative, and more negative. 

The more negative you attract, the more negative your life becomes. 

No wonder people aren’t happy anywhere! 

Join us for an incredibly super special episode where we are joined by internationally-recognized spoken word poet, inspirational speaker, and author, Kirk Nugent. 

Kirk is brilliant at eradicating the 💩 stories in your life that hold you back from your greatness and helps you turn the corner with his amazing wit and wisdom. 💥

The 3 of us go deep into the 🐇 hole to pull you out before you give away all control of how your life unfolds. You’re going to walk away clear as your last covid test on how to create all kinds of magic in your life  - without ever looking it up on Google. 🌀🎪♟☠️👁🧞😻

To snoop Kirk and binge his incredible teachings, head over to kirknugent.com or @kirknugent on social. 

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