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Christy Studt Manetta & Bucks County - Doylestown Small Business's GOOD NEIGHBOR FOOD DRIVE

March 28, 2021 Christy Studt Manetta
Bucks County Bytes
Christy Studt Manetta & Bucks County - Doylestown Small Business's GOOD NEIGHBOR FOOD DRIVE
Show Notes

BUCKS COUNTY BYTES is super excited to have Christy Studt Manetta where she will talk about the wonderful GOOD NEIGHBOR FOOD DRIVE, part of Doylestown's Small Business and Bucks County's outpouring of love, support, and community to make this dream a reality.
See some of the photos and videos here on Christy Studt Manetta Facebook page!!

Christy Studt Manetta, along with Earl Caffrey, Matt Caffrey, owner of Chambers 19, Robert Whitley, and countless others that made this possible. If it were not for all the volunteers, and all the community that came together this would not be possible. The outpouring of Bucks County came together to raise 16,735 lbs of food and $6,000 in cash donations! Bucks County! We are proud of you! I am so fortunate to have been connected with Christy and bring this story to you...to have her voice heard, the story of how it happened. The love, gratitude, compassion of so many to provide to those who need it during this time of crisis.

On Feb 21, 2021, Bucks County came together and made this happen...Bucks County gave back to the community. Christy, Earl, Matt, Robert, and countless others...THANK YOU BUCKS COUNTY!!!

And a quick shout out to our moms...because they instilled in us the love, compassion, and caring that makes us who we are to bring stories to life. To help others in dire situations and to support so many during times of need.
One more shout out to Christy's daughter, Belle, which we covered briefly in our podcast and discussed one of her recent written articles called "LONE" published in Loco Mag, Off-Campus Philly Lifestyle.

Here are some amazing links to get connected and help out! Check out all the links to see more about the Good Neighbor Food Drive and those that helped sponsor!

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