Friends for the Journey

Clarice Dibble - A View From the Other Side

September 17, 2020 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation Season 1
Friends for the Journey
Clarice Dibble - A View From the Other Side
Show Notes


Kathrin sits down with her friend Clarice Dibble to share a conversation about learning, mindfulness, grief, creativity, heartbreak, silence, and resilience. Both Kathrin and Clarice share a special bond: each of their respective spouses have suffered during their vocational work of ministry. 

It’s a special kind of weight to carry the sorrow and pain that our loved one experiences: we wish to defend them, we want to stand guard before them, we want to call out the injustice our loved one has experienced. And yet at times, we must remain silent and swallow the anger, the hurt, and our own pain.

Regardless of the field in which our loved one’s work, we long to support and encourage them in the work they feel called to do. And when that work suddenly ends, it affects spouses as well.  Whether our loved one experienced a "forced termination", "constructive discharge", "constructive dismissal", "wrongful termination", "medical separation", been fired, pensioned off, or dismissed, (oh, there are so many euphemisms!), the pain remains bright and heavy in our midst. Sometimes the terms used to define and describe this experience might become a heavy curtain behind which pain and suffering occur in lonely silence. 

With grace and humor, Clarice helps us peel back the curtain to allow us to see one another – and especially our self - with grace, love, and compassion. 


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