Friends for the Journey

Pastor Skip Irby: Terribly Normal: Grief, the Pandemic, and Fatigue

August 20, 2020 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation Season 1
Friends for the Journey
Pastor Skip Irby: Terribly Normal: Grief, the Pandemic, and Fatigue
Show Notes

Kathrin sits down with Pastor Skip to explore the suddenly changed landscape in which we find ourselves during the Covid-19 pandemic days. In this unprecedented time that feels unmoored, unfamiliar, and sometimes unending, we discuss aspects of the world that have become “terribly normal” and how lamentations might support us in these times, the difference between hope and optimism, and Skip reminds us of the ways in which we are all connected.

As always, Pastor Skip recalls the importance of giving voice to our own personal story, giving three important ingredients that can help us in these times of tremendous upheaval and uncertain change. Including Yogi Berra, Carl Dudley, D. Elton Trueblood, the Psalmist, the Chicago Mass Choir, and even the Rolling Stones, Kathrin and Skip’s conversation ranges throughout the wide landscape of this life in this pandemic.

There are some wonderful, supportive resources online. Here are a few:

Psalms of Lament by Amy Weems and Walter Bruggeman. If you’re interested in this book, please consider purchasing this book from a minority owned book seller. Here are a few lists to help you in your search: 

July 27, 2009 performance of “You Can’t Hurry God” by Chicago Mass Choir

Erin Gravley and her sister, Grace, created a website called i dream of covid, which is dedicated to the collection and sharing of the wide variety of dreams people experience during this unprecedented time. Here’s the NPR interview with the creators.

The Shiyr Poets: How Long (Psalm 13) and On This Troubled Day (Psalm 10)

“A public [person in service], though they necessarily available at many times, must learn to hide. If they are always available, they’re not worth enough when they are available.” D. Elton Trueblood

Here’s a treasure trove of unique wisdom from Yogi Berra.

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