Friends for the Journey

Reflection: Expectations & the Counterweight of Possibility

September 24, 2020 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation Season 1 Episode 16
Friends for the Journey
Reflection: Expectations & the Counterweight of Possibility
Show Notes

The world feels populated with billions of expectations, shimmering in the very air around us. The weight of these invisible expectations congeals before us and leave our passage muted with barely a ripple in our wake.  Whether unspoken or shouted aloud, expectations gather around us like meerkats on an anthill, poking heads up and around to see what’s happening, who’s involved, and how we measure up.

 However, there remains a counterweight to the pressure of those crowding expectations.  Sometimes, it takes a moment or two for it to come into focus.

 But it does. 

 And when the counterweight of possibility takes shape in our lives, it remains with us like the warm sunshine on a cold day, warming us with gentle, steadfast presence.


 HelpGuide, a nonprofit mental health and wellness website, provides evidence-based information for a broad spectrum of issues, concerns, and circumstances:

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