Friends for the Journey

Scott Cooper Tilton: The Deep Echo of Simple Sounds

October 01, 2020 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation
Friends for the Journey
Scott Cooper Tilton: The Deep Echo of Simple Sounds
Show Notes

Kathrin shares some time with her friend, Scott Cooper Tilton, to talk about the literal landscapes he’s journeyed through: from Alna, Maine to Rockland, Maine, then to Bengaluru, India (also known as Bangalore), to Malawi, Africa, where he served the village of Kamwazeka, Malawi through his work with the Peace Corp. After a medical separation, Scott’s journey took him back to Rockland, Maine.  

Scott’s explorations of life have introduced him to multifaceted aspects of life, faith, and culture. And with a generous grace, Scott shares insights about sound, friendship, space, faith, and the unexpected ways that hope sometimes appears along the road.



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