Friends for the Journey

Reflection: The Mythical Beauty of Silence

November 19, 2020 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation Season 1 Episode 22
Friends for the Journey
Reflection: The Mythical Beauty of Silence
Show Notes

How much silence do you notice in your day?  In your mind? One of the most common complaints about the modern world is the lack of silence, and it’s easy to project a longing onto the past and think: oh, the past had space for silence, and there’s no silence in the modern world.

But there’s one constant throughout all of history: people. And there’s nothing silent about people. 

In today’s reflection, Kathrin poses the question: how do you notice silence?

Some links to share:

The natural world provides much calming support. Of course, we’re not always able to get back to nature when we’d like to, so here’s a little bit of the natural world for you:

      Monterey Bay Aquarium: Moon Jelly LiveCam
      Monterey Bay Aquarium: Monterey Bay LiveCam
      Monterey Bay Aquarium: Live Ocean Sounds from Monterey Bay
       Vancouver Waterfront
       Driving through Washington State, USA
      An Afternoon & Evening in Chernihiv, Ukraine 

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