Friends for the Journey

Reflection: Tradition Reinvented, Tradition Reclaimed

December 03, 2020 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation
Friends for the Journey
Reflection: Tradition Reinvented, Tradition Reclaimed
Show Notes

Traditions are a part of the human experience. Some traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Others appear in our lives as a result of a deeply meaningful experience, either shared with others or in one’s own life. Ultimately, traditions provide a stable place by which we trace the passing of seasons and the course of our lives and relationships.

And occasionally, something forces a fundamental change in the tradition on which we’ve come to rely because of an illness, death of a loved one, a move to a different country or city, maybe even a global pandemic. This change could impact one single traditional event, or it could completely upend our personal understanding of what this tradition has meant and could mean to us in the future. 

Sometimes we need to reinvent a tradition. Other times we need to reclaim it. In order for either of these things to happen, we need to be willing to ask “what does tradition mean to me?”

Some links to share:

S. Bear Bergman, an award-winning writer, storyteller, and educator, wrote Make Socially Distanced Holidays Fun and Special.

The Importance of Keeping Up Holiday Traditions During Covid-19 published on EVOLVE Teen Treatment Center’s website ( )

Adapting Holiday Traditions During Coronavirus accessed from PBS, 

Almost every healthcare agency, both private and public, has at least one article about navigating traditions in changing times. It might be worth it to see what’s being published in your area.  Here is an article by the national healthcare coordinator, Solv: 16 COVID -Takes on Holiday Traditions

And traditions can become even more meaningful sometimes. FeedingAmerica has these suggestions in their article, Start These 5 Covid-Friendly Holiday Traditions That Give Back 

And, of course, Ministering to Ministers: We Are Here for You

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