Friends for the Journey

Beverley Buston, PhD. - Peaks & Valleys on the Mountain of Faith

January 07, 2021 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation
Friends for the Journey
Beverley Buston, PhD. - Peaks & Valleys on the Mountain of Faith
Show Notes

Kathrin sits down with Dr. Beverley Buston, missionary, psychologist, nurse, helper, and mountain woman.  The conversation ranges across the landscape of thought and faith, yet Beverly keeps us grounded with pragmatism, care, and faith.

 Welcome, friend. It’s great to have you with us for the journey.

 Some links to share:

The full biography and profile of Beverley Buston, PhD., 2013 recipient of the Campbell-Wallace Achievement for Distinguished Service Award, can be viewed on the Ministering to Ministers website here.

 Beverley speaks of the West Virginia mountains with much love and emotion.  Looking at the mountains themselves explains why.  You can explore the beautiful mountains throughout the West Virginia landscape here, on the West Virginia Explorer website.

 During our conversation, the phrase “moving from either/or to both/and: The Theology of Work explores this phrase in this lovely article, Moving from Either/Or to Both/And (last accessed on 1/2/21)

 Bagavad Gita and The Mabinogion can both be explored on GoodReads.

 Dr. Beverley mentioned the mission work she’s done through her church. You can see the various ministries and missions of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia on their website.

 NPR’s moving obituary of Congressman John Lewis details his remarkable life, achievements, and his continued encouragement for others to get into good trouble.

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