Friends for the Journey

Roberta Damon: Gratitude, Generosity, and Hope, Oh My!

February 04, 2021 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation
Friends for the Journey
Roberta Damon: Gratitude, Generosity, and Hope, Oh My!
Show Notes

Promises made, promises kept: the foundations for friendship and heartfelt conversations.  As promised, Roberta Damon and Kathrin sit down for a meandering dialogue through the forests of thought, feelings, and belief.  Stories are shared, discoveries are made, and they encounter gratitude, generosity, and hope….oh my!

 Some links to share:
Here’s a link to the movie, Pay It Forward 

Roberta’s Four Thoughts about Gratitude (and Generosity & Hope, but mainly Gratitude):
1.      Gratitude can help us not be defined by the injustices in our lives.  Don’t let the injustices define us and who we are.
2.      By being Grateful, we become more Generous…. Likewise, by being more Generous, we become more Grateful.
3.    What kind of Person do You want to be? 
             Look around you,
            Observe how others treat people, and
            Decide the Person you wish to be in the world.
4.      Gratitude (and Generosity and Hope) can make you more compassionate and selfless.
Roberta’s quote about people…The nicest people in the world are in church.
Aaaaaand…..The meanest people in the world are in church.

Kathrin used the phrase, Lord, protect me from your followers. Did you know there’s a movie called, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers? Well, there are bumper stickers that say Lord, save me from your followers. Here’s an article titled, “Please Lord, Save Me From Your Followers written by Lorelei Nettles, which asks a great question.

Kathrin found it challenging to find a biography about Alice L. Humphrey, author, so if you have any information about Alice L Humphrey, please let Kathrin know!  Here is the list of books Roberta mentioned:
Angels in Pinafores
Heaven in My Hand
The Lady in Red (a story in the book, Heaven in My Hand)
And both Angels in Pinafores & Heaven in My Hand are available at Amazon!

Edgar Allen Poe
The Cask of Amontillado (acknowledgment to AmericanEnglish.Englich.Gov)
Edgar Allan Poe House in Richmond

Happy Birthday to Pastor Peter James Flamming, Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church!
Pastor Jim Sommerville

Love Lives On is an online resource center dedicated to educating families in end-of-life issues, including Writing Your Own Epitaph 
              Roberta’s epitaph: “Y’know, She Left It Better Than She Found It.