Friends for the Journey

Reflection: Change is Hard. Here's Hoping for the Future

March 11, 2021 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones , Encouragement Coach for Ministering to Ministers Foundation
Friends for the Journey
Reflection: Change is Hard. Here's Hoping for the Future
Show Notes

Change happens during the course of our lives. Regardless of the form in which change appears along our road, there’s a certain time of upheaval followed (we hope) by a growing sense of comforting familiarity.  

Change is afoot in the world of the Ministering to Ministers Foundation! A new home, a renewed commitment, a renewing sense of a purpose in the world, all of this begins to unfold for Ministering to Ministers in the halls of the Center for Lifelong Learning in Columbia Theological Seminary.

And there is some change unfolding for Kathrin Gabriel-Jones, too!  A new podcast, which is introduced in this episode. 

Thank you for being a Friend for the Journey!  

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To learn more about the Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary, please click here.

 The Here’s Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin podcast is available on most podcast platforms.  Be sure to subscribe to learn what’s happening next!

 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones is proud to continue developing and hosting this Friends for the Journey podcast. To contact Kathrin, you are welcome to send her a note here.

 Many thanks to Ministering to Ministers, who produce and support this podcast.  Please check out the resources available through this fantastic foundation:

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