Slam the Gavel

Dr. Mark Roseman, Author, Challenges To Preserving Family Ties And Contemporary Family Magazine

September 10, 2021 Dr. Mark Roseman, Author Season 2 Episode 104
Slam the Gavel
Dr. Mark Roseman, Author, Challenges To Preserving Family Ties And Contemporary Family Magazine
Show Notes

    Dr. Mark David Roseman is an expert and international speaker in high-conflict divorce, parental alienation and child custody. Also, Dr. Roseman is the CEO of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, a child reunification program based in Florida which he founded in 2010.  As a mediator and consultant with family members enduring social and personal stress, Dr. Roseman  has found the complimentary use of different clinical and non-clinical modalities to be most effective in ameliorating these difficulties.
     Dr. Roseman founded Preserving Family Ties Media LLC, an educational media and service company offering support groups and coaching for Targeted Family Members.
     Also, Dr. Roseman is the Publisher of Contemporary Family Magazine, a quarterly digital publication providing global resources for effective parenting. Topics addressed include Parental Alienation, high-conflict divorce as well as Child Custody. He has also written the book Preserving Family Ties.
     We talked about how judges should be aware of Parental Alienation and that they should be educated not only in Parental Alienation, but keeping the family together.
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