Stories Within Us

We are all works in progress with Dr. Milena Radzikowska

March 03, 2021 Lisa Bush Season 2 Episode 5
Stories Within Us
We are all works in progress with Dr. Milena Radzikowska
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, we speak to Professor of Information Design, design researcher, co-owner of a design agency located in Calgary, Alberta, mother, and my friend, Milena Radzikowska. In this episode you will learn:

  • How design - though often invisible - has a significant impact on women’s mental & physical health. 
  • How recognizing design’s influence can be a powerful step to taking ownership of our own health.
  • What the design process can teach us about wellness.
  • How design - like our own health - is a constant work in progress. 

About Dr. Milena Radzikowska

Since 2005, Dr. Radzikowska’s research work is transdisciplinary, marked by a passion to benefit others. She’s worked on over two dozen large, medium, and small, national and international projects, with undergraduate and graduate researchers, industry partners, not-for-profit agencies, and scholars from over 30 different fields. Her work has been iterative and experimental—meant to challenge existing design conventions and explore unique alternatives to complex problems. 

In 2019, she joined an international team working on Design for Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Zones. Dr. Radzikowska has more than 75 publications and she is a member of the Design Concepts Lab research group, and one of the founding members of the qLab (, an Intersectional Feminist Design Research Lab, located at Mount Royal University, University of Waterloo, and University of Illinois.

What to know more?

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Design Process Models:

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