Monash Community Podcast

Victor Perton, Founder of The Centre for Optimism

May 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 34
Monash Community Podcast
Victor Perton, Founder of The Centre for Optimism
Show Notes

Many thanks to our guest today, Victor Perton, Founder of The Centre for Optimism.
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Imagine Monash in2040 

What will Monash in 2040 be like? What do you want to keep the same, and what would you like to change?

Council is working on Image Monash 3040 – a huge project that imagines the possibilities for Monash 20 years into the future and sets our vision and priorities.

Over the next few months, the Council will be asking our listeners for your ideas, thoughts and aspirations to shape the future of Monash.  Council would love to hear from anyone who lives, works, studies or runs a business in or visits the City of Monash.

Your feedback will guide the Council as they plan the Community Vision, our next Council plan and long-term plans for managing the assets and finances through as Financial Plan and Asset Management Plan.

Your view is important to this vision of a future Monash. Be part of the future, and share your views with us by Hard copies of the survey will be available at Civic Centre 293 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley, Oakleigh Service Centre 1A Atherton Rd.

Olives to Oil
Olive Harvest Festival May 28 – 30
Bring us your local olives and we’ll press them into olive oil for you for free.

Olives to Oil is a community festival bringing people together to harvest unused olives from neighboured trees. The olives are pressed into oil which is given back to people who help with the harvest.

Bring your olives to:
Home Make it Store – Saturday May 28 at 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Rear of 4/158 Wellington Rd across from Sarton Rd. Clayton

The Corner Store Network – Saturday May 29 at 12pm – 3pm & Sunday May 30 at 2pm – 4pm.

Mulgrave Farmers Market Sunday May 30 at 8am – 1pm.
Mulgrave Primary School  3 – 32 Gladeswood Drive Mulgrave.

If you would like to contact Charles, you can call him on 0412 317 404 or email

Charles' website is and email contact details are

Thanks to our major sponsor, Community Bank Pinewood. If you would like to discuss your banking needs, please contact them directly on (03) 9886 6477.

Thanks also to Thomas Pewtress, our new regular reporter on the Monash City Council.

Community Bank, Pinewood

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