Women STaRs

Women STaRs with Dawn Kendrick

December 15, 2020 Shanti Harkness Season 1 Episode 7
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Dawn Kendrick
Show Notes

This week on Women STaRs, we are speaking with Dawn Kendrick from The Good Stuff Family.

Dawn has made her career in broadcast journalism, dedicating her time to sharing and telling stories that really matter. After nearly two decades on air in Cleveland, Dawn’s contract was not renewed. Determined to continue to share her gift of storytelling with others, Dawn shares how she’s turning her walking papers into a permission slip – permission to do even more good in the world.

Join us as Dawn shares how she embraces vulnerability, stays focused on what really matters, and how her struggles have paved the way for her greatest triumphs.

To learn more about Dawn, please visit: www.TheGoodStuffFamily.com, or email: dawn@TheGoodStuffFamily.com.

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“In a world where we don't feel like we have much control over anything anymore as we knew it, the truth is, it's a great opportunity to work on our attitude."

“Always embrace the vulnerability; embrace it, see it as the purpose through the pain.”

“Vulnerability is not weakness; it's the way in which anyone who's proven courageous got there.”