Women STaRs

Women STaRs with Destiny Burns

April 06, 2021 Shanti Harkness Season 1 Episode 15
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Destiny Burns
Show Notes

This week on Women STaRs, we are speaking with Destiny Burns. Destiny is no stranger to working in typically male-dominated fields. Enlisting in the US Navy as a Russian Linguist, she retired 20 years later as a Cryptologic Officer and began a second career as a defense industry executive. At the age of 48, she decided to get back to her community service roots and became a volunteer firefighter. Two years later, she fulfilled her dream of “good wine made fun” and opened a craft brewery-style urban winery in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Destiny shares how she uses her defense industry days to help her and her business/employees get through the pandemic, and the power of giving herself a break. She shares how she’s able to experience calm and content through the practice of letting go of what she cannot control, and the joy she experiences as a role model and mentor to others. Join us as Destiny shares her tips on how to achieve more out of life and career, and why you shouldn’t let anyone label you and “put you in a box.”

To learn more or to connect with Destiny, email Destiny@cleurbanwinery.com, call 216-417-8313, or visit the Cleveland Urban Winery in Cleveland Heights, OH during business hours. 

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“Community service – service to others is something that’s very important to me.” 

“I've really learned to let things go that I can't control or can't fix. Letting those things go has created this calm and this inner contentment, and I'm never going back to my old ways.”

“I feel most successful when I'm being a good example, when I'm able to offer inspiration to someone, when I'm able to help someone. And to me, that's more important than anything else.”

“My entire life was about community and service to others, whether it's at the national level wearing the United States military uniform, at the community level, wearing a firefighter uniform, or working here in a local business and supporting my local community. It's just part of who I am.”