Women STaRs

Women STaRs with JJ DiGeronimo

April 20, 2021 Shanti Harkness / JJ DiGeronimo Season 1 Episode 16
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with JJ DiGeronimo
Show Notes
This week on Women STaRs, we are speaking with JJ DiGeronimo. With over 20 years in the tech industry, JJ is no stranger to navigating the twists and turns of moving from entry-level positions to leadership. She is often called on to empower professional women and consult senior executives on strategies to retain, advance, and attract women in technology and other male-dominated careers.

JJ shares the power she discovered in finding her own voice, creating a life she loves, and not waiting for permission from others. Listen in as she shares the impact mindfulness has had on her life and career, and how being present in the moment has opened up countless opportunities she would otherwise have missed.  Join us as JJ discusses the “Power of No,” the importance of jumping in before you’re 100% ready, and the common thread between all of us.

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“I think my biggest struggle, and the one that so many women talk about, is the stories we tell ourselves. For many of us, our struggles start internally.”

“We're all going to have this inner voice that often tells us we can't, but it really is up to us to be able to sidestep that and say, let me see what I can do.”

“What mindfulness does is it allows you to recognize that ongoing stream of [internal] conversation isn't who you are, it's just a piece of who you are, and that if you have the mental strength, you can actually walk around it.”

“I think for many of us, we hide behind our stories, we get scared or nervous. But there is so much value in every one of us that are here, and it really is up to all of us to help each other contribute.”