Women STaRs

Women STaRs with Akilah Williams

June 29, 2021 Shanti Harkness / Akilah Williams Season 1 Episode 21
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Akilah Williams
Show Notes

On this episode of Women STaRs, we speak with Akilah Williams. As a single mother and working professional with a lot on her plate, Akilah is someone whose own journey to self-betterment and acceptance speaks to the same obstacles and fears many of us also experience as we navigate our own lives and careers. 

Join us while Akilah discusses the “invisible beast” that is Impostor Syndrome, learning to make your own rules by letting go of society’s standards and expectations that hold you down, and why you should find success in every small moment rather than the big picture. Akilah’s first-hand knowledge on self-love and acceptance, as well as her many more insightful tips and advice, has value we all can share in.

If you’d like to get in contact with Akilah, you can find her on Instagram, @collections_by_Kira, or on Facebook, @collectionsbykira.

You can also visit her Etsy shop for handmade jewelry: www.etsy.com/shop/collectionsbykira.

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"My perspective on work/life balance used to be about being organized and having everything planned out--the reality is, you need to account for the fact that you’re not a robot. You might need to just slow down a bit because you’re exhausted and you’re trying to run this as if you’re not human. You’re human. If I’m not full, how can I fill someone else up? "

"You need to be fair with yourself, be flexible. If I don’t hit every mark, it’s okay. And the mentality of the society we live in doesn’t acknowledge that enough. It’s more celebrated if you work yourself to death to reach those goals. I had to make a conscious effort to reprogram myself from those things we’re taught…Write your own rules."

"I used to think of success from a whole picture standpoint—if everything didn’t look how I wanted it, then I didn’t consider that success. Now, everything I accomplish—I don’t care what it is. If I manage to get myself to work or get my daughter to tennis, that’s success. Acknowledging the small things in life, that’s success. Every moment that you’re here on this Earth and breathing, that’s success."

"A lot of my problems stemmed from mental barriers. I call it a “fraud mentality”: I couldn’t see anything that I brought to the table as being special. Identifying those mental barriers, I was able to get over that…Don’t let the pressure or standards of this world stop you from starting. You create the experience you desire. "