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Women STaRs with Katy Bryan

August 24, 2021 Shanti Harkness / Katy Bryan Season 1 Episode 25
Women STaRs
Women STaRs with Katy Bryan
Show Notes

In this week’s episode of the Women STaRs Podcast, we are speaking with Kathryn Bryan, Ph.D., a financial planner at Skylight Financial group. Kathryn, who also goes by Katy, made a significant career change to be at her current position: after several years as a medical research fellow with the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and the Cleveland VA Medical Center, Katy decided to enter the world of finance as a financial planner. Beyond this experience, Katy is a dedicated wife and mother to two kids, recipient of awards such as Crain’s Cleveland Business 2016 “Forty Under 40” honoree, and an advocate and volunteer for multiple groups, like the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and Plexus LGBTQ professionals.

Listen in to the episode where Katy provides valuable knowledge about navigating your career and your life all at once. As someone who made a major career change, Katy covers what it’s like to overcome challenges such as Impostor Syndrome and accepting that it’s okay to move on if your field isn’t making you happy. 

About the increasingly difficult field of medical research, she notes, “I knew in the bottom of my heart that if I stayed in the position I was at, I would probably be suffering for the rest of my life. Quiet, quiet suffering.” In addition to her thoughts and advice on changing careers, Katy gives thoughtful, relatable advice on viewing life as an evolving challenge, learning to stand up for yourself even if it’s hard, and finding success in giving back to her community in ways that are sometimes unseen.

If you’d like to get in contact with Katy, she can be reached by email at kbryan@financialguide.com or her cell phone, 216-297-5810. You can also contact her at skylightfinancialgroup.com.

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There are always some skills that somebody is going to be better at. Are you going to get better at it, or are you going to use the skills you already have and try to master those instead of trying to be something that you’re not?

Life is always evolving. That’s what I love about life—it is little triumphs that you are overcoming all the time. You never know how what you’re doing today is going to impact you next week, five years from now, 10 years from now. Who knows what today is going to be doing to bring great wealth for tomorrow?

It’s not the goal that makes me excited, it’s getting to the goal that makes me excited about life. Success is the secret impact I have on people. There are stories that I might never hear that I hope have had an impact on someone’s life—those to me are what I live for.

You have permission to live a good life and try out different things and see what fits and what doesn’t fit. And women should know that you have the right to speak up for yourself.