Real Estate Agent Man - Secrets of Florida real estate... that should not be secrets
Important Thoughts About Home Staging That Could Save You Money.
Important Thoughts About Home Staging That Could Save You Money. 14:13 I'm Sixty - Rock Parody of I'm Eighteen by Alice Cooper 2:52 Pros and Cons of the Florida PACE program for buying windows, roofs, and air conditioners 9:44 Understanding an Investor's Offer and Your Options. When Should You Sell to an Investor? 13:57 FOR SALE: LakeFront in Venice Florida. 1731 S Gondola Ct conversation with the seller 38:57 Helping you focus on moving to Florida - Steve's parody of "Leaving On A Jet Plane" 5:50 Real Down Payment Assistance & why NOW is a good time to purchase a home in Florida 12:40 Sarasota Florida Real Estate and Mortgage Market Changes 1/10/2023 - don't miss this opportunity 23:46 Understanding Roof Leaks with Bonedry Roofing 11:30 Understanding Florida Home Inspections Part 2 9:44 FOR SALE: $1.7Million Waterfront Home in Venice Florida 43:32 FOR SALE: $4mil+ near Clearwater/Dunedin Florida 42:16 Understanding Florida Home Inspections Part 1 8:13 How Extended Rate Locks Work, with Gulfside Mortgage in Sarasota County Florida 21:55 The Market Has Changed 5/12/2022 5:05 What happens when you think your home is worth far more than it is? 9:29 The Whole Song - Real Estate Agent Man - Performed by Steve Martin Smith 3:05 FOR SALE: A $3.2 million, 12 acre spread in Lakewood Ranch Florida 59:08 Surprise! 5,000 Sarasota Homes - Back On The Market 8:31 Where should I live in Sarasota Florida, with Nicole Smith 22:41 5 Quick Tips For Buyers In A Seller's Market 3:55 Trailer for Real Estate Agent Man - The Podcast 0:30 How To Know What Home Inspections To Get 7:31 What you need to know about septic tanks before you buy or sell your next Florida home. 5:44 Sarasota Real Estate Market Update - December 2020 8:01