When the Bill Comes Due

Ep 5: 8 Christmas Trees

December 21, 2020 Aaron & Tamu Season 1 Episode 5
When the Bill Comes Due
Ep 5: 8 Christmas Trees
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Come through, sweet baby Jesus! What the hell does Christmas look like this year, y’all? 2020 better not even think about delivering any bad news on the commercially sacred birthday of the lord. PERIODT. Tamu and Aaron also revisit a 90s love song:“You’re All I Need” by Method Man featuring MJB. Happy Holidays! 

Tamu: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]Oh, it's just going to be a bitches and hoes song

Aaron: [00:00:47] Yes. I mean, I don't know, like I can chop some verses, like, you don't want to fuck with us. We don't play. I mean, I could do anything you want, but

Tamu: [00:00:56] you go for it.

Aaron: [00:00:58] I feel like it's [00:01:00] number one on the charts, but that's just me, you know,

Tamu: [00:01:02] you're number one on the charts,

Welcome to When the Bill Comes Due.  I'm Tamu.

Aaron: [00:01:06] And I'm Aaron happy holidays. Woo.

Tamu: [00:01:10] We made it to Christmas.

Aaron: [00:01:13] Fuck. I was just saying today. this year has gone by super fast, but super slow,

Tamu: [00:01:19] Yes.

Aaron: [00:01:20] right?

Tamu: [00:01:20] Yep. I agree. It's been quite the year.

Aaron: [00:01:23] Oh, that's an understatement.  Man a whole bunch of shit has happened this year. And I feel like I've aged maybe 20 years.

Tamu: [00:01:30] Well you look it

Aaron: [00:01:31] you know what, bite me

Tamu: [00:01:36] it's true. My hair is so great because I refused to go get it colored now.

Aaron: [00:01:43] Well, and you're four months older than me too.

Tamu: [00:01:45] Oh yeah. I am such a fossil in comparison to you.

Aaron: [00:01:48] four months is four months

Tamu: [00:01:49] Four months it's four months. 

Aaron: [00:01:51] I'm an illiterate bitch because it's not even four months. It's like two months.

Tamu: [00:01:55] Yeah. I know January.

[00:02:00] Aaron: [00:02:01] Yeah, whatever. Yeah. Oh, this old four, maybe I'm at four weeks, eight weeks, whatever

Tamu: [00:02:07] Yeah. Weeks, months, years, same, same.

Aaron: [00:02:09] So what are we talking about today?

Tamu: [00:02:12] It's Christmas time and we have been talking about your eight Christmas trees. Doesn't Mariah also have eight Christmas trees?

Aaron: [00:02:19] let's just stop exaggerating. I have three Christmas trees.

Tamu: [00:02:24] Does Mariah have eight?

Aaron: [00:02:26] She probably has like 27. Yeah. One in every room. That's my aspirational goal. Can I just point out just for a second there, because I think this is a very important to our listeners. You made the Mariah reference this time first.

Tamu: [00:02:41] I was going to talk about it because you posted it on your Instagram again, you must be having like the biggest Mariah Carey orgasm this last couple of weeks,

Aaron: [00:02:50] a lovely, isn't it.

Tamu: [00:02:52] I guess.

Aaron: [00:02:52] It's lovely.

Tamu: [00:02:54] One of our listeners. Thanks, Maria. She sent us the article about Mariah Carey's knockoff, [00:03:00] Christmas ornaments,

Aaron: [00:03:00] Oh, Maria. Yes, girl. many people have sent this to me many times and I'm like, Oh my God, it's become a phenomenon.  I forgot who sent it to us originally

Tamu: [00:03:10] Mallory.

Aaron: [00:03:11] Mallory.  So I looked at it and people were posting comments, but it just felt wrong because Mariah was like, this is not approved. But then she was like, But it's festive or I don't remember what she said in parentheses. And I

Tamu: [00:03:24] She'll allow it. Cause it's festive. 

Yeah, it's bad. The Twitter feed that from that article, people are showing all of these horribly drawn Mariah Carey eyebrows and the eyes, and who even made this. I would assume they would have had to get, permission to use her likeness that does not sound like something she would do.

I feel like her ornaments would be perfect. Yeah.

Aaron: [00:03:45] Agreed. 

Tamu: [00:03:45] Have you always loved Christmas? What's your deal with the holiday time? You seem like a jovial kid. 

Aaron: [00:03:51] You know, I love Christmas. I was thinking about this today and I do, love Christmas. But, I love it now,  as an adult, as a father, as a [00:04:00] husband , my mom died when I was 13. And her birthday is December 4th and she died five days after December 9th. I think it was 1988. So Christmas and the holidays haven't always been the greatest.

I think my family did a good job of making them feel special. But to me, my mom she was the, everything, she was like the mom and soul food to me. when she died, I feel like life fell apart for many, so no, it wasn't until I met rich until I really just. Enjoy being around the holidays.

We met in the summer. Were married in the fall. Our first Christmas was just wonderful.  I just always have really fond memories of the holidays.  At the time we had three foster daughters and I just love giving gifts and cooking. I love cooking. I have my own traditions now and I think I kinda carry my mom a little bit with me, but. I never looked forward to, I remember, being 23 in Austin. I just moved out and, had my own . And, it was really sad.  It was a grieving, moment for me because I [00:05:00] really missed my mom.

I feel like,  I wish you had been here to see this to some degree, but I also feel like too, as a kid, my mom died of cancer. I was more relieved than sad when she died. And I think that 23 year old was grieving his mother finally, you know? That's what that felt like, but I never really liked Christmas until I met rich, but I love Christmas.

 What about you?

Tamu: [00:05:24] I really don't like the holiday season period. I've been trying to figure out why and when that started. When I was a kid, I liked Christmas obviously. I'd never believed in Santa cause I saw the presents hidden in the closet, my parents didn't really think to hide a lot of stuff from me .

So when you realize it's just more about money and they don't have money  it doesn't make it as fun. And I think too,  deep down. I was always a romantic person and I always wanted Christmas to be like, what you see in the movies or on TV shows like a magical, [00:06:00] special time in your life when , all of these great things happen 

and that never really occurred for me. So I  was like, meh, I mean, When my aunt started to have kids, it was fun because it's fun for the kids. And I like giving gifts and stuff like that.  For me, it's just kind of wrapped into a bunch of other stuff, you know, like always just makes you think of the things that I don't necessarily have, or amplifies the solitude or isolation or the loneliness,  even now I don't live near my family.

I don't think I've celebrated a Christmas with my family in a decade. Simply because I refused to go home for the winter get stuck. I have a very lovely adopted family here and I have Christmas there, but it's not quite the same. You know what I mean? 

Aaron: [00:06:44] I think I can agree to that. Definitely. Christmas is very much commercialized and I'm not exactly a Christian. I think a lot, I think it's just, it's a commercial holiday now we know that.

Tamu: [00:06:58] My God cards cost like [00:07:00] $10. And I refuse, like I stopped buying cards two years ago because I was spending hundreds of dollars on cards for what.

Aaron: [00:07:08] Yeah, that's a lot of

Tamu: [00:07:09] that people could read them and throw them away. That's $7 a card. I don't even bother sending you cards for anything. No, I'll call you. We can WhatsApp or FaceTime or whatever.

To me that's a much better gift than a $5 card with somebody else's sentiments in them.

Aaron: [00:07:23] The Christmas we celebrate was introduced to me by my husband.  He loves Christmas  the whole family loves Christmas. I've talked before about the family I'm married into and it was really.

Wonderful. That was Christmas, getting together, watching the kids open all the gifts and blah, blah, blah, and all the food. he definitely carries the tradition of Christmas and just has many different things that he does. 

It's so cute.  I learned definitely with our girls and our children, just like, I see it through their eyes. Right. And , I give them what I, partly experience with my [00:08:00] mother and what my family tried to give us, after she died.

So I definitely believe that Christmas was my mom's holiday. And it's certainly my time of year I have one question for you.

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

 Tamu: [00:08:13] No.

Aaron: [00:08:19] Wow.

Tamu: [00:08:21] Think one time I woke up to see my parents, wrapping gifts or something like that. Christmas Eve night, cause I was super excited that kind of then dispelled the myth of, of what a Santa I don't really have like super amazing memories of Christmas.

Aaron: [00:08:34] I have a couple, but one that I think about is we used to have Christmas at  our house, and I slept in the living room. We slept by the Christmas tree. And I don't know if maybe somebody slipped some LSD. In my, Cheerio's that morning or that nighttime snack that I have, but  I remember Waking up and seeing this vision of Santa, in [00:09:00] front of me.

Yeah. But it was pitch dark. You know, you look in the dark and you're like, yeah, I can see things like paranormal shit. So it scared the shit out of me.  I just remember that I didn't get up. I didn't move. I just went back to sleep. I just remember that vividly as a kid 

it's definitely before my mom died. And that was, that was one of my memories. I have to say  my favorite favorite memory was my first Christmas with rich. rich is, very Midwestern  like, we didn't have a TV in our bedroom. There was only TV in the living room.

 But, I lobbied hard for a television in our room. And so that was my big gift, from him. But rich is very thoughtful. He's so very thoughtful. He took all of our email correspondence from like the first date and put them all in this book for us,  every single email and put it on like really nice paper.

And it was really nice. Yeah.

Tamu: [00:09:51] So, how do you put DTF on really nice paper?

Aaron: [00:09:54] You know what DTF was not around back then. Thank you [00:10:00] very much. that's texting. Yes. Yeah. We weren't texting back then.

Tamu: [00:10:05] It was straight email, 

Aaron: [00:10:06] so we were corresponding with love

Tamu: [00:10:08] Oh, sweet. Like olden times.

Aaron: [00:10:12] That's probably my favorite memory.

What about favorite song?

Tamu: [00:10:17] I like this Christmas. That's a good

Aaron: [00:10:19] Oh, that's a good one. That's a really good one.  I grew up on the temptations album. And they played it all the time. I can't even play it now because. Apparently it's because my mom loved it, but also we played the shit out of it. I try and write and my kids are like, what the fuck is this shit?

 Like we just never put it in rotation. we're all about the holiday pop music,

Tamu: [00:10:40] of course 

okay. What's your favorite Christmas song? I'm sure it's a Mariah Carey song.

Aaron: [00:10:43] you know, I love all I want for Christmas. Is you? That's hands down

Tamu: [00:10:47] it's lovely catchy jingle, but when you hear it, 75 times a day, it's be much

Aaron: [00:10:53] My traditional favorite song. Is "Oh, Holy Night". my favorite version of that is the Mariah version, [00:11:00] but I'll listen to anybody that sings it, the contemporary Christmas is Baby It's Cold Outside pre-Me Too, Baby it's Cold Outside.

 I don't care who sings it.  I really actually love the Michael Buble and Idina Menzel version only because in a part of it, she said something about maybe just a cigarette more

I don't even smoke  she says in the background and I was like, Oh, that's so cute. 

Tamu: [00:11:34] I still like, White Christmas.

 I love Love Actually. And the Holiday with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz.

Aaron: [00:11:42] I can tell you that I see parts of those. I've never seen Nottinghill, but ever since I went to London, I was like, I need to watch that one, but that's not, no, you said,

love actually, I got those mixed up. Sorry. I've seen parts of that one too. I've not seen the whole, my favorite movie Last Holiday Queen [00:12:00] Latifah, LL Cool J. Loved that movie and honestly, Almost Christmas.

We have watched it a kazillion times. Have you ever seen that one with, Monique, Gabrielle Union? I don't know the other people, . 

Tamu: [00:12:13] There's another Christmas movie that's recent with black people that I enjoyed. The one where Regina King beats the hell out of her husband.

Aaron: [00:12:20] Oh, I haven't seen that one, but yes, I know what you're talking about. Yeah.

Tamu: [00:12:24] It was this Christmas. I like this Christmas. That was a good one too.

Aaron: [00:12:27] I need to watch that one.

Tamu: [00:12:28] Have you seen Jingle Jangle yet it's on 

Aaron: [00:12:31] Netflix.

No rich in the kids did. They said it was good.

Tamu: [00:12:34] I actually would like to watch that one. Even though I don't like Christmas.

Aaron: [00:12:38] Yeah. He said it was good. That's going to be on my list to watch. What about the polar express? Have you seen that one?

Tamu: [00:12:43] No, I don't have children.

Aaron: [00:12:47] You don't need to have children and watch polar express. I mean, Sure. I guess I am flipping on my phone a little bit while I'm watching it. You're right.  I love you babies. I'm there in my heart when I'm watching in. I promise it's a long [00:13:00] movie. It's very complex. 

Do you have a most painful moment of Christmas or a sad moment about Christmas?

 Tamu: [00:13:07] I broke up with my boyfriend that I moved here to Minnesota to live with around this time of year.

So it was kind of like fall winter timeframe. So with that, it probably wasn't a great Christmas.

We were still living together and  it was weird. So probably that one

Aaron: [00:13:27] I mean, obviously my mom dying. That was a sad one, but  I came out when I was 18 and. I definitely didn't have the support of parents or adults in my life and my family.

 My solution was to run away, move. I lived in Houston. To live in Austin, I felt like I could be independent and  I was raised there. So I wanted to get back. I felt like I wanted to be closer to my mom, I think that was sad for me because. There were no traditions.

My mom wasn't there. And at the time my sister is 10 years younger than me, you know, was [00:14:00] 10 and or eight. I guess if I'm 18, look at God. Y'all math. Yes. I was sad for the fact that.  I had to leave my sister, and I never had a traditional Christmas. So I would say the first eight years of my adulthood were just like really sad years because I had to make my family and I think about  did I make that choice? Did I, shut them out or did they shut me out?  And I won't say all of my family, but  there are folks in my family,  I've been told that my mother would be rolling over in her grave if she knew that I was gay.

Yeah, girl. Yeah. Those are probably the sad years, but there's really happy years in that too.  One of my best friends, Carmen lives in Texas and that is my family. 

And I love them very much. We've been through a lot together  they took me under their wing unconditionally under their wing.  All the time and every [00:15:00] time,

It's bittersweet, right? The time is bittersweet. For me, Christmas is fucked up when you're an adult. I would say when you're stable in yourself, and I'm not saying that meaning like when you're married with kids, because that's not stability to everyone, right?

Tamu: [00:15:15] What about this year? Because we were living in a very interesting time.

Aaron: [00:15:20] I am. Really excited about the holidays. It is probably the only good news that we can make right now. we decorated hella early and there's extra shit. My eight trees  trees, are decorated nicely, this year more than any one of them

christmas is just to me, it's going to be so special because, we're all going to be together.  I don't know. It just feels really special this year. When we moved here to Maine, I started the tradition, actually my sister and her now husband used to come up, or came up two years ago and we started this [00:16:00] tradition of, I serve a rib roast.

Other shit on the sides, but we have a candlelight dinner and everybody dresses up nicely.  It's a really fancy affair.  That's our Christmas dinner. We get up in the morning and the kids open gifts and I make. French toast bake and a couple quiche's and that's it. And like they're on their own for the rest of their lives until the evening.

And that's our Christmas. And it's just really nice. What I love most about Christmas is just like watching the kids open their shit, that's the best part for me and you. What is, I would assume status quo.

Tamu: [00:16:36] This year we are just all three of us going to be home alone because nobody is allowed in our house and we are quarantining away from the world since we, nobody wants to die for new years,

Aaron: [00:16:49] Amen to that. Amen to that.

Tamu: [00:16:53] We, decided not to exchange gifts this year, but have  a lavish Christmas dinner.  I don't know if you [00:17:00] have been to, or had been to a restaurant called Travail here, so they were doing a prime rib dinner that came with like a bunch of craps on came with the prime rib.

It comes with, I think potatoes and butternut squash soup and a cake and a salad, all kinds of stuff. I think it even comes with shrimp cocktail. we're going to really just do it up.  We all bought fancy robes from QVC sit around and eat all day and watch TV.

This to me, it will be like one of the better Christmases.

Aaron: [00:17:30] Mm Hmm. That does sound lovely. I don't expect to get dressed on Christmas day for sure.

Tamu: [00:17:35] I'm sure at some point I'll, probably have a sparkling

Aaron: [00:17:38] festive, right.

Tamu: [00:17:40] Kinda looking forward to it actually.

Aaron: [00:17:41] It's a really different year. And I also wanted to use this time and also my platform, really to talk about the fact that. COVID is real. And COVID came to my home, and it was incredibly scary we found out that I [00:18:00] had COVID on Thanksgiving day.

I was forced to go in my room, which was really nice. I have to say quarantine was nice. I had servants and my husband's lived on the couch. Do you know that? So rich and I, we don't really argue it's Petty's shit, but, I have maybe once said you're going to sleep on the couch and he's never done.

He's like, no, absolutely not. We were sleeping in the same bed together, which I appreciate, , because I get cold and lonely, but,  he slept on the couch 14 days.

Tamu: [00:18:29] shit. Cause he don't want to get COVID 

Aaron: [00:18:31] I was thankful that my case was very mild. I had some chest pressure didn't really have any other symptoms 

 I want to share that. I think everybody's experience with COVID is completely different.  I can say this wholeheartedly it's like nothing you've ever experienced. In fact, when I found out, I don't know if it made it worse or better, but I was having some pressure on my chest and when I found out there was just an instant anxiety.

That I had [00:19:00] COVID and flashing in front of me. It was just like people on vents and people in the hospital and people dying. And I have a family of eight and here I am sitting here and I have COVID and I had tested earlier negative. I'm so worried that I had exposed my husband and my children

we have, folks with health conditions, in our house. It was a very scary situation.  At the time it was Thanksgiving. And I remember talking to a couple people, but also just seeing on the news, the fact that are you really that insistent on being wherever you need to be for the holiday?

For the risk of killing people. I just want to say like how incredibly selfish, I have forgone, Christmas and Thanksgiving with family and friends this year, my sister and her new husband were supposed to come up and visit us for Christmas.

And we canceled in October because it's just the responsible thing to do. As much as I love my [00:20:00] sister, as much as I would love to see her and be in her presence, I would have loved her to be there, but to kill her or, and that's really horrible to say, but to risk killing her or killing him or anyone.

I just wasn't really to take that chance. I guess I just don't understand, to me it wasn't worth it. And I just think it was incredibly selfish, but this is on my own opinions. This is how I feel about the situation and having been through this. And really experienced those real fears.

It was a real fear that I was going to lose my family or that they were going to be left without me. That was a real legitimate fear. And in some ways it woke me up to a lot of things, you and I have talked about this, Tamu obviously this is the Genesis of our podcast, the fact that I was in a really.

Sad place, just a really sad place. And having COVID really kicked me in the ass. I gotta be honest and just really said, you know what, bitch, I get [00:21:00] it. This world is fucked up, but  it's going to be more fucked up without you. And so , my motivation really was just that I wasn't even near death, honestly, but it is a wake up call too.

You like that? Number one, like there's more shit to be done. Right. And also to the fact that  life is fleeting and precious. I'm incredibly lucky. I know how lucky I am right now. I'm here to tell you how lucky I am, but many, many, many people are not. And many people have died and will continue to die.

And it's really unfortunate that the leadership in this country. Has allowed this to happen. I think that this was completely preventable. I don't understand the whole mask thing. I just don't get it. I don't get it. I miss and love all of my friends, but I don't get it.

So my message really truthfully is stay the fuck home. You'll see them next year.

Tamu: [00:21:52] How do you feel about seeing all of these Congress people getting vaccinated, who didn't believe in and still don't [00:22:00] believe in masking or that the virus is real?

Aaron: [00:22:02] Well, I think it's cowardice, right? it's like the Titanic. Do you remember like women and children? That's exactly what I thought of when I heard about all this stuff. 

We talked about this too. The fact that there's this vaccine and it's televised  I understand partly why they're doing it. But, this has been the worst PR nightmare for a vaccine for disease, for everything. There's a lot of distrust here and there's a lot of hypocrites too.

And what's unfortunate, I think is that politicians have not done their job. We sent you there. To work for us. And I think in these moments is when we need true leadership. This is when we need to hear from them. Obviously we're not going to hear it from the president. And so like for them to grand stand and just put people's lives at danger for no fucking reason, it makes no sense to me, 

whatever your party, whatever your fucking affiliation is, whatever your religion you believe in. That's a [00:23:00] person's life. Very clear, evidence that we could have prevented a lot of this, you know? And so it's incredibly hypocritical for these people to be like, Oh, I don't believe in it as a whole, but I got the vaccine bitches.

Right? I'm essential motherfucker. No, that's not.

Tamu: [00:23:15] not essential.

Aaron: [00:23:16] Right. You haven't been essential for nine months. Hello.

Tamu: [00:23:20] Or for many years let's be real.

Aaron: [00:23:22] Amen. Preach. What about you?

Tamu: [00:23:24] I'm disgusted by it. Quite frankly. To sit there and see like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, getting a fucking vaccine, none of them. Believe in it. They're all these anti masking people they're full of shit. They could have said, no, I'm not going to take this vaccine, but you know, full well they're like slap me up.

At the same time, they're sitting here arguing and fighting over, giving people 1200 fucking dollars to help them pay rent, but they want to give you a paltry $600 or $300 a month for your unemployment check. What is wrong with people?

Aaron: [00:23:58] Right. Yeah.

[00:24:00] Tamu: [00:23:59] How insensitive, it's truly inhumane, quite frankly, that we are allowing them to treat us in this manner. How dare you? You can't be the arbiter to decide whether or not, and one man is deciding all of these things. One other fucking do from Wisconsin said, no, I don't want to give $1,200. So now we're not giving $1,200. Like who the fuck are you?

Aaron: [00:24:22] These are people's lives. I think we're fortunate that we've been able to work and, and we fit in that category of middle-class people middle-class is pretty much not affected by this. Right. Because they literally take their laptops 

Tamu: [00:24:35] Well, that's about a hundred percent true, but okay.

Aaron: [00:24:37] To some degree. Right.

Our priorities are so fucked up.  I think it was yesterday, they were talking about this fucking Pence was at some NASA thing announcing that the new, whatever was going to be the guardians. And I'm thinking motherfucker, 3000 people just died.

What, what are you doing?

Tamu: [00:24:56] That was the day that he got his COVID vaccine.

[00:25:00] Aaron: [00:24:59] exactly, it's a really sad place for our country and for the world. There's so much hurt and devastation here. I kept telling rich, I don't even think I told you this. I want to do something like.

There's people that in my kid's school that aren't eating or whatever that's a real problem. I have a friend who owns a restaurant and I can see his, the fear in his eyes or I shouldn't say fear the concern, because he doesn't know what the future holds for his restaurant.

These are real intangible examples for me that. Quite frankly, politicians don't get to see,  I have people that are suffering.  My best friend in Texas, their restaurant, they're trying to make it work, they're suffering. I have real examples of how this government is not taking care of its citizens that we pay into quite frankly.

And now's the time for you to step up and support them? 

Tamu: [00:25:55] Anytime this fucking president can only pay $750 a taxes, [00:26:00] and I have to pay so much money and you're telling me money. I have paid into the government for 20, some odd years. I can't get back in an emergency. You gotta be fucking kidding me. What the hell is going on. every other country is giving their people money to survive during this. No questions. You were mass murdering people for no reason. And then on top of it, you are then causing them more harm by disenfranchising them making them become food deprived, having them become evicted from their homes. This is disgusting. And I know there's no such thing as shame anymore because these people clearly don't feel shame. But my God, this is disgusting.

Aaron: [00:26:49] 100% agree. I think too, like there's some really beautiful. Things about humanity that I love, we have a really close family friend and they got COVID too. [00:27:00]  I made them a meal. I was just kinda like, you know what?  I want to pay it forward. Someone actually made us a meal. One of Rich's coworkers and I thought, wow, that's really nice. 

A lot of people period are being tested,  I feel like at least in my opinion, I feel like rich and I feel like we can do it all right. And then we got COVID  and when that woman brought that meal to us, to me, it was just like, you know what, bitch, you cannot handle all in.  If someone needs something like you need to take care of them I've just had this really amazing awakening in the past couple months. I'll say a couple of months to where I felt helpless and I didn't know what I was going to do.

I've joined a, black caucus board and I feel like my calling is to  help families, whatever that means. So there's some great things to come out of this, but. It's unfortunate that it took a pandemic for me to get there,

Tamu: [00:27:52] let's just be real. The pandemic has opened up a lot of people's eyes about a lot of things that are wrong. Then that need to be better and [00:28:00] force people to say, you know what? I cannot stand for this. And I've got to try to figure out how to make it better. So good for you.

Aaron: [00:28:07] thanks. 

Tamu: [00:28:07] Shall we wrap up this portion of life for Christmas? Are doing anything for the new year?

Aaron: [00:28:12] I'm not, what about you?

Tamu: [00:28:14] Oh, yeah, probably not. I'll probably have a little sparkly and, watch whatever's on TV. I'm hoping there's a law and order marathon, usually that's on.

Aaron: [00:28:23] Shit. That's my shit. 

Tamu: [00:28:25] We will be back with our throwback segment.

   And we're back.  This throwback song, it's kind of [00:29:00] funny because I've been Walmart Christmas ads where  someone is singing the original version of your all I need, and every time I hear it, I think of the method, man, and Mary, all I need.

So I keep envisioning in my mind, like what that commercial would look like with shorty. I'm there for you. Anytime you need me for real girl is me in your world, I just keep thinking like that should be what's playing and it's not.

How I ended up picking this song because it just keeps popping up into my head every time I see a Walmart commercial.

Aaron: [00:29:32] I was very curious how you picked that song because like, not only did you send me one version, but you sent me two versions.

Tell me why you like the song and I'll tell you mine.

Tamu: [00:29:40] I didn't say that. I liked it. I kept hearing that song and it reminded me of this song.  I don't mind it at all, like obviously, but it was hood romantic song of the early to mid nineties. For me, I like an actual love song.

This is 1993, 1994, [00:30:00] 1994.

Aaron: [00:30:00] I agree with you too. Like I don't, I heard it in the commercial, but I don't have a connection to it other than the fact that I love this song. You're all I need to get by. And I love Mary in that part.

 I had automatically assumed that that was the only version of the song. And so I, in my discovery of method, man, listened to the original and I was like, Oh, like, this is nothing without Mary. Right.

Tamu: [00:30:28] she, she added the flavor and the seasons to it.

Aaron: [00:30:33] I agree. I agree. What I consider the original version, which is the puffy version. I love the puffy version 

Tamu: [00:30:39] I am from New York city. And so I remember when these came out, these were the ones that I heard. So they're the ones I have more of an affinity towards, but then I looked at the lyrics and I was like, Oh, okay. I've heard them in the past, but I feel like.

 You're telling me I'm going to go to jail or whatever, and [00:31:00] it's all good, but don't give my pussy away and keep it tight. Like, how dare you tell me what to do.

Aaron: [00:31:05] That was a very interesting line. I

Tamu: [00:31:07] you, no one tells you to keep your balls up. You know what I mean? Like don't ever get erectile dysfunction or some shit, you know what I'm saying?

Like what the hell people have babies?

Aaron: [00:31:19] Well, and it's pretty sexist in that regard too, right?  There's this thread of I'll say black culture, you know? If you're really listening to the song, you're hearing the struggle. Right. And when I listened to this song, I hear the struggle. 

Tamu: [00:31:36] Would they use part of the song to say, just be there for me and I'm gonna make sure we be living in the fucking map of luxury. I'm realizing that you didn't have to fuck with me, but to did now, I'm going all out kid. And I got mad. Love to give you my nigga. That I have a problem with, that's not romantic.

 You, my nigga is like, you're my friend or you're my boy or whatever, [00:32:00] not you're my woman. And I love you. It feels like I'm not going to be swooning to this, but I did watch an interview where he was talking about the song and he said he wrote it for his girlfriend.

Oh my God. He called me his nigga girl. Like what the fuck?

Aaron: [00:32:15] that leaves me kind of breathless to hear that statement,

but to his credit, maybe that's all he could do. You know, like he's a simple man.

Tamu: [00:32:30] You know, it's hard for men to say I love you. So you, my nigga that's that's it.

Aaron: [00:32:35] I'd agree with that. I, definitely take issue with the, with the, What do you think that is? Fear of being soft or fear of being appeared to be soft.

Tamu: [00:32:44] I don't know for sure. I mean, parts of the song are very, like, love the fact that you've got a mind of your own. No need to shop around. You got the good shit at home. So he's not going to cheat on her because she's keeping her pussy tight. [00:33:00] So it's good.

Aaron: [00:33:01] It's like the romantic WAP, kind of.

Tamu: [00:33:04] I guess, he's like  I can be your son. You could be my earth, the resurrect, the God through birth best.  It's an amalgam of concepts.

Aaron: [00:33:13] It's interesting too. Like I'm reading this now. Make me make a man feel better than a woman queen with a crown. That'd be down for whatever. There are a few things that's forever. My lady, we can make war or make babies.  I was listening to it whenever it was Friday and like I was thinking like, Oh, that's.

Tamu: [00:33:39] I guess that's how you express love in 1994.

Aaron: [00:33:43] I think we were just trying to get out of our feels, you know, so method man is a child of our generation of our generation. Right. And our parents are of that. At least my parents were of that  I think suppressed emotion and not [00:34:00] sure how to express it to some degree.

Right. I'll call it tough love. I think, in the nineties, I think black people really. Had this discovery of how they sort of say these things and granted keep your pussy tight. And you, my nigga is probably not the most romantic way to say something, but he was trying to get it out, I guess.

Tamu: [00:34:24] So all in all, you know, all I need is it's a love song. Mary makes it classy and sassy. And just remember the video with them on the rooftop and her bopping in the background

10 years later or whatever it was, they made a Mary made a song and had him featured on it.

Aaron: [00:34:51] That's my shit right there. Now. That's my shit. I love that song. Is that one of your favorites?

[00:35:00] Tamu: [00:34:59] no, but I know, I like it.

Aaron: [00:35:01] I like to be,

yeah, that's my,

Tamu: [00:35:06] Hot sex on a platter,

Aaron: [00:35:09] that's my cut. 

Yeah. Good choice. I like that song.

Tamu: [00:35:14] So now anytime you see the Walmart commercial, you'll think of this song instead of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

Do you want to close out with some housekeeping?

Aaron: [00:35:24] Yes. Thanks for listening. Please check us out on Instagram at When the Bill Comes Due or we're on Tik Tok at When the Bill Comes Due. Subscribe comment and like us wherever you podcast. Cause we are everywhere.

Tamu: [00:35:47] yes. Good job

Aaron: [00:35:50] Look at me, look at God. Y'all

Tamu: [00:35:54] It's a Festivus miracle.

Aaron: [00:35:55] We've been through a shit storm and God, I hope there's [00:36:00] light. There's still light, definitely, but I hope that next year 2021, brings everybody great inspiration and better than what we experienced in 2020, for sure.

Tamu: [00:36:13] amen. 

We want everybody to be safe, have a safe and lovely holiday season. Whatever that looks like for you, but keep it cute. Keep it in your house.

Aaron: [00:36:23] This shit is real folks. That's some good shit right there.