When the Bill Comes Due

Ep 6: Profiles in Privilege

January 11, 2021 Aaron & Tamu Season 1 Episode 6
When the Bill Comes Due
Ep 6: Profiles in Privilege
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All 2021 needed to do was come through, sit down and #STFU, y’all! Aaron and Tamu discuss profiles in privilege as they review the beginning of a new year with the same shit! They also discover that “Pumps and a Bump” is not pigs in a blanket according to this Hammer throwback! You’ll def need a cocktail!  Come thru!

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Tamu: [00:00:00] [00:00:00] I'll let you do your cork popping. 

Aaron: [00:00:39] Okay. Ready? Shit scares me. 

Tamu: [00:00:43] You have to take the cage off. 

Aaron: [00:00:45] No that's. That's what catches it. If you like, 

Tamu: [00:00:47] you do know how to open a champagne bottle.


You'll have to let me know what you think of your sparkling wine 

Aaron: [00:00:58] Cheers! Salute. Now [00:01:00] that shit, or as I like to say, here's to all the men, we fucked, fucked and more fucked. 

I'm stuck on one fuck. Oh, that's nice.

 I'll drink it. 

Tamu: [00:01:15] Welcome to when the bill comes due. I'm tamu.

Aaron: [00:01:19] And I'm Aaron. Happy New Year,

Tamu: [00:01:22] Happy New Year. 

Aaron: [00:01:24] How was your holiday hiatus? I've been calling it. 

Tamu: [00:01:27] It was fine. I was unable to sleep . 

Aaron: [00:01:31] Insomnia for Christmas. Oh, nice. 

Tamu: [00:01:34] The bonus was, since I wasn't going anywhere or doing anything, I literally could just sleep until  five o'clock in the evening every day.

Aaron: [00:01:41] Oh my God.  I miss those days, like when I had COVID quarantine, I have no sense of time I just felt like I was 22 and just hung over for days, sober as fuck, but hung over for days, just kinda like waking up. And I was like, Oh fuck, it's two o'clock. But then there's like, boom, [00:02:00] that you got kids, you hear them yelling.

And you're like, Oh, this is not real.

 Tamu: [00:02:04] And you also have a deadly disease. 

Aaron: [00:02:06] Yes. I'm cured. I'm cured. I'm cured. And we are here in 2021, 2021, like literally 20, 21. And we've got six days, right? We got six days with no crazy.  2021 kind of came in and sat down for a little bit 

Tamu: [00:02:26] over the weekend, 

Aaron: [00:02:28] but we knew she was going to get up.

Tamu: [00:02:29] I know that everybody liked to believe that like, Ooh, it's 2021. Like everything just magically doesn't work that way.  

Aaron: [00:02:38] No, no, definitely not. that's an interesting statement too, because. I've even caught myself saying it too, right? Oh my God. Like, I can't wait for this year to be over.

And looking forward to a new year, new beginning, I think it's more of a mental reset right. Than anything, because the reality is that nothing has really changed. In fact, it's gotten worse, 

Tamu: [00:02:59] [00:03:00] Yeah. It is worse now than it was. More. People are dying of COVID every day.

The world literally is imploding on itself.

You have white supremacists storming the Capitol, like they are living in a Game of Thrones episode.

Aaron: [00:03:17] Oh. Man. This week was incredibly, unexpected because we've been saying all that along kind of right. That,  he was gonna show out, . That he's just going to do something stupid and we've been waiting for several shoes to drop.

It was a new year and I wanted to  Just meditate and change my situation and just, have a better mental health outlook.

So I've had that to delve into and focus on and, trying to be an at-home teacher. And work full-time is super fun. I love my babies.  I just remember not watching it. And then I started to get texts from friends and people, like, are you watching this craziness? And I'm like, bitch, we knew this was coming.

 What are you talking about? What craziness. Right.


[00:04:00] Tamu: [00:03:59] Yes, I got quite the giggle out of it.  I was dozing taking a little midday snooze and I heard stuff. And I was like, what are they talking about? And they're like, and they're walking through the Capitol and there's no one else. And then I looked and I just started laughing because I saw the screen that said the protestors, which we'll use that word.

Never again Had decided to storm the Capitol and I just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. And then I got angry, but not for reasons that, the rest of the people are angry about personally. White people gonna white and do white people shit. And that's fine.

But you could see the blatant, double standard. In what happened? If it was black people, none of this shit would have ever happened because they wouldn't even made it to the Capitol because they'd probably got stopped at the train station.

You know what I mean? 

Aaron: [00:04:51] I think that was my emotion too. I remember watching it and I was like, I really don't care. This is stupid. We expected it. And then when I started to see the [00:05:00] images of them breaking into the Capitol and for me, it was like, this is white privilege.

This is a televised white privilege. And so immediately my thought was like, Okay. So black lives matter happened all summer long. We all saw that live and in living color. And thankfully we all saw this happen live and in living color. And I really hope like I'm literally saying to myself, like, do you see now, like all those people that think that there's not a problem or that racism doesn't exist, you have a very clear example.

You have a very clear example, black people people of color protesting. They were prepared for us when, grand jury judgments come out they prepare, for the riots, you cannot fucking tell me, all the chatter, all the Twitter, all the stupidity, and there's zero preparation, zero protection of the Capitol, zero protection at all.

So that's part, one of my anger. Part, two of my anger [00:06:00] is these indignant fuck. Politicians, I will say all of them quite frankly, because they've been fucking with our lives for this past year and playing this political game with our lives and many lives have been lost. This is not a game.

This is not a fucking game. Like these are people's livelihoods. These are people's lives that are super duper fucked up now, even more so now. Sorry. 

Tamu: [00:06:21] No, that's fine. Drink your delicious sparkling wine. 

Aaron: [00:06:29] Sponsored by martini and Rossi. I'm only drinking it because, Oh, and that's the part I didn't get to explain.

Every year I go on alcohol sabbatical and it's just like a cleansing until that will part of the regimen too, you know, in sort of like the new me, right. And Tuesday happened. And I stared at that bottle for a long time. I have this bottle of Black Girl Magic Zinfandel, and I'm not a really big Zinfandel fan.

I was going to try it [00:07:00] that night. but I held strong. I have some friends also that are doing it now. And they're like, oh us too. So anyway, I've decided that I'm not going to do my sabbatical until after my birthday later this month, because it makes no sense for me to , go on,  alcohol sabbatical, 

Tamu: [00:07:16] wait a minute. Isn't your birthday, Wednesday. 

Aaron: [00:07:19] It's my birth month. Okay. But at least I'm going to wait till after my birthday because, and I've even given myself, I kind of stopped watching the news and watch it. Maybe like once a day 

Tamu: [00:07:30] we don't know when the revolution is coming to this doorsteps.

Aaron: [00:07:33] I get alerts. Now I get alerts. 

Tamu: [00:07:35] Barbarians at the gate run, run, run. 

Aaron: [00:07:37] Curious about this, Tamu. Uh, so when that was happening, I probably already know this answer because I just know you,  did you ever have this thought of  well, shit, what's happening here? You know, there in Minneapolis.

Tamu: [00:07:48] I was on Twitter and I started to see that they were protesting in other state capitals across the country. They had started doing that here as well. 

Aaron: [00:07:55] I definitely have this moment  just like a passing thought of like, Holy shit, like, [00:08:00] well, what's going to happen, where we are, because they're everywhere, . Maybe they all went to DC. There'll be trapped there. When the pokey gets 'em.

Tamu: [00:08:06] They're already in their own individual States again, 

Aaron: [00:08:08] You have to wonder who these people are and like what kind of money they have to hop on a plane for this fool.

Maybe that's why he was, you know, sort of setting up his, I don't know what he's calling it. Save America fund so he could buy their plane tickets and they sign off their COVID rights.  I'm just trying to think for the other side 

Tamu: [00:08:29] he has $420 million in debt. 

Aaron: [00:08:32] It's true. He wouldn't write a check. You couldn't cash. You're right about that. 

Tamu: [00:08:36] He would. 

Aaron: [00:08:37] Yes, yes, yes he has. 

My first. And most paramount thought. In fact, I posted that, that same thing. Like if this had happened mass casualties, Negroes would not even have been able to step foot on stair. Number one. 

Tamu: [00:08:53] They drove a fucking pickup truck onto the fucking Capitol, 

Aaron: [00:08:57] To me like that is the ultimate,  all I [00:09:00] can hear in my head is do you see now? I really hope, I really hope. Because this is a very prime example of what systemic racism looks like the other part of it too, is , I don't remember, I sent you a text about it.  They found some black person to tie it to some, I don't even know what he's the head of some, something, something, something I don't know.

 There's always that dynamic too.  I've looked at the imagery of them just walking away, calmly, walking away. There was tear gas. There was everything. And they were just walking away. 

Tamu: [00:09:35] They were able to. And be escorted out, help down the stairs.

Some of the older ones just walking out of that building, like they were taking a tour of it. 

Aaron: [00:09:43] Okay. It was like the end of a football game, they were like, Oh yeah, we won. And I was really baffled, you know, that this is privileged. 

Tamu: [00:09:51] It's something that we will never understand and we will never experience or know what that would even feel like.

Just to be able to think that, yeah, I [00:10:00] can do this.  When they were storming in and busting through doors and basically like, this is our house, this is my house. This is our house. 

we Would never ever be able to say, do express any of that  

Aaron: [00:10:11] One of the other images that really broke my heart was,  some of the black officers, or I don't know what they were inside with no guns. 

Tamu: [00:10:20] that poor man with the Baton. 

Aaron: [00:10:22] I would say that was one of the sad, very sad moments, just to see, even the police officers that had guns, they didn't shoot them. 

Tamu: [00:10:29] That one lady.

Aaron: [00:10:30] I'm curious to know who shot her, they're not getting releasing that name, but,  could you imagine what would happen if they release the name of the cop that shot the white lady?

Tamu: [00:10:39] There is a video where you see her getting shot and killed.

and I was looking at the hands of the guy holding and the gun. I was like, okay, are those white hands or those black hands, please don't be black hands, please. Don't be black hands. These are the things that I look at. And I'm sure most of us look at when we're watching these things.

It's like, please, don't be black, and then unfortunately, There were some of [00:11:00] us 

Aaron: [00:11:00] misguided us 

Tamu: [00:11:01] storming the Capitol with these dumb ass fools, taking video, sharing their Instagram, handles all kinds of stupid shit, bringing their baes with them.


I'm just saying, because this is a truly white event. Right?  We got to sit back and cackle, cackle. He see what happens. 

Aaron: [00:11:19] All the imagery, I think of , the news or the structure that was built on the mall.

 We would never even get a chance to do anything like that. They would've burned us down. By that point, 

Tamu: [00:11:28] I will say one thing that I was worried about, because I saw them walking by the African American history museum and I was like, Oh my God, please don't go there. 

Aaron: [00:11:35] I had a thought too about whether or not they were protecting that or, if it was vandalized, I don't know.

I'll have to look at, I would love to look at some DC stories. Maybe they have some information,  

Tamu: [00:11:45] I just figured because it was the African-American history museum and I was like, fuck, there go our artifacts. 

Aaron: [00:11:53] Right. All up in that building, all of it.

[00:12:00] What do you think about just a lawmakers reaction in general? Like for instance, I am just really disheartened by everybody.

Like it took. Something like this, for them to feel threatened for them to act 

Tamu: [00:12:13] their bill came due. 

Aaron: [00:12:14] that's true. Yeah. 

Tamu: [00:12:15] Some of their bills came due. I wouldn't say everybody's bill came due, but most of them bills came due. And they had to decide whether or not it was worth it to roll with this stupid ass orange ass idiot, or to err on the side of logic and reason.

Aaron: [00:12:29] I wonder, what does he have on them? You know, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham,  Hawley and these idiots, what universe would allow them to believe that he's a good thing.

Tamu: [00:12:39] I think this is just a power grab, right? So they're seeing that he. is effective at manipulating people because he's a con man and a grifter. and getting people to believe everything he says they don't have the same skillset or gravitas, that Trump does. So they're trying to maintain that base because they want to retain their [00:13:00] power.

Ted Cruz wants to be president Josh Hawley wants to be president Marco Rubio wants to be president 

Aaron: [00:13:05] never going to happen,

Tamu: [00:13:06] Not sure about Lindsey, but I think he just wanted to be more powerful within the Senate. My theory is if they hang on to those coattails, that base will stay with them.

Aaron: [00:13:15] There's so many white privilege moments in this entire ordeal, like the whole thing at the airport and just the audacity of invading their privacy.

I guess I just would never do that. That's never something that would cross my mind to do. 

Tamu: [00:13:29] Because that's not anything that you would ever be able to do.

Aaron: [00:13:33] And think about the fact that he was escorted out by those police officers. And if we had gotten as close as those people, it would be a whole different, what we probably be arrested that woman should have been arrested, all of those people, right.

Just for harassing. But if we had done the same, it would be a different story, 

Tamu: [00:13:47] I said, we might be able to just walk down the street to the protest. That's it. And the March. Yeah. You can't go see something. You can't go touring storming a buildings touring it and seeing what everybody's up to and trying to [00:14:00] kill people and hang people.

And in whatever you're saying, you're going to do burn the building down. 

Aaron: [00:14:05] They didn't even email tickets. They just walked right up in there, it was like a heave ho in there. 

Tamu: [00:14:10] They've been watching way too much game of Thrones.

Cause this is all the battle of Winterfell y'all and y'all just kept thinking they were the white walkers that they would be able to take over. And it seems like they did. And they got to go home with a podium with letters, with laptops. God knows what other information. 

And they got a body on him cause they killed a cop.

all the things they're against, they're all for blue lives. 

Aaron: [00:14:33] Right. What about that? 

Tamu: [00:14:35] What I was hearing, how that woman got killed was, that was the last stronghold they were trying to break into .

Where all of the senators and Congress people were, they had made a decision that if anybody breached that door, that they were going to get shot. and she actually breached through, she started to actually get through on one side and that's how she unfortunately lost her life. 

The thing was when she got shot, nothing stopped. They still [00:15:00] kept going. They still kept coming and they didn't even give space for this woman to be helped really 

Then they ended up having,  it looked like SWAT or whatever people with real weaponry, with rifles coming up and not shooting a motherfucker because I would be spraying the area. 

Aaron: [00:15:17] Right. It's threatened that they're threatened. Right. Unarmed and threatened. 

Tamu: [00:15:22] I feel in danger for my life. I'm standing my ground. 

Aaron: [00:15:25] Still they had, they were armed and threatening. 

Tamu: [00:15:27] They were menacing mob. 

Aaron: [00:15:28] What do you think is going to happen? 

Tamu: [00:15:30] Nothing.

Aaron: [00:15:30] I agree too. It's more politics than it is anything it just feels like a political move and just, you know, I don't know what the right answer is, honestly. 

Tamu: [00:15:38] Well, the right answer is that Trump should not be president anymore.

Aaron: [00:15:43] Well, yes. 

Tamu: [00:15:44] The house said that they can impeach by Monday or Tuesday, and then it would go to the Senate for a trial.

Now, Mitch is saying that he's not going to do anything because they're on break until the 19th.

But if I remember correctly, they moved heaven, and Earth to get Amy Coney Barrett [00:16:00] fucking in the goddamn Supreme court.That ook like what? A week?  

Aaron: [00:16:04] Yeah. It's true. 

Tamu: [00:16:06] So it can happen. It just won't happen because 

Aaron: [00:16:11] this is their last stand,

Tamu: [00:16:12] They're bitches.

They're not going to indict the person who shot Jacob Blake seven times and made him paralyzed. So clearly ain't shit gonna happen to any of these people, either. a lot of them are losing their jobs because their bosses are seeing them on TV.

Aaron: [00:16:23] Really smart group there. 

 I still am really marveled, always by  these Karen's and these Kevin's and frankly, everyone, that storms, the Capitol, like cameras were there, this is your livelihood. How do you expect things to get better in your life?

Tamu: [00:16:40] They did not care 

Aaron: [00:16:42] State Congressman we're there and 

Tamu: [00:16:45] delegates all kinds of shit and cops and ex military 

Aaron: [00:16:49] and black people. People of color

Tamu: [00:16:54] So can we talk about that dumb bitch who put her hand in Gayle's face? 

Aaron: [00:16:59] Yeah, we can [00:17:00] talk about, we can talk about her

Let me meditate for a second. Auntie auntie, this is for auntie. 

Tamu: [00:17:12] So in case you all don't know the bitch who attacked that young man in New York City, She blamed him for stealing her cell phone and it ended up being in an Uber. She had physically assaulted him. And was being interviewed by Gayle King on, CBS this morning, Friday morning, right?

Aaron: [00:17:28] Yup. 

Tamu: [00:17:28] And this wacky bitch is. Sitting there and her zoom next to her lawyer explained to me why she's wearing a cap that says daddy on it. Like it is the cap now her thing because she had a cap on, in New York when she was assaulting that young man. And now the cap is like her, 

Aaron: [00:17:46] that's her moniker. Okay. there's a lot to unpack just from that one statement. So number I truly believe that her lawyer was her auntie I'll say that, and number two, who the fuck would sign up for that? Who would do that? And [00:18:00] Gayle, I have to say you held it together for R. Kelly, but why didn't you reach through that computer and knock the living shit out of her?

That's what I need to know. Like, I would have been like emergency Oprah text,"Bitch Bitch, Bitch, go time. Go time." Oprah would have been there in five minutes 

Tamu: [00:18:16] Unreal. How rude. 

Aaron: [00:18:20] They just like 22 year old, give zero fucks. 

Tamu: [00:18:24] Well, 22 year old white girl, and let's be a hundred percent. I know I've been going through this with people.

She might be Italian. Look at Ariana Grande's she's in darker Italian. 

Whatever she is. She. Needed a punch in the face. 

Aaron: [00:18:38] Definitely. 

Tamu: [00:18:39] And again, this is privileged because she just five minutes ago said I'm a nice person. I don't racism and whatever other incoherent shit she was babbling. And then 10 seconds later, she's putting her hand and Gayle's face and telling her like  enough Gayle enough. Bitch 

Aaron: [00:18:56] I think black America, black family [00:19:00] collected the pearls bitch.

It was like, call BooBoo call Kiki Lolo. Tell him I meet him on the corner. 

Tamu: [00:19:08] Vaseline on they face, taking they're earrings off. I mean, my god,

Aaron: [00:19:12] I'm giving my diamond hoops to you. If I come home,

that was a collective like cracks across America when she was like, Hey, grabbing the hand, stop talking. Oh my. Girl. You're lucky. There's a pandemic because um err uh

 I guess there's more to it on Monday, Monday. Right? So get your popcorn ready. Y'all I'm ready for that shit. I'm here for her because I hate, hate these little nasty nasties. Get them. They deserve everything they're getting. 

Tamu: [00:19:50] Well, she did get arrested right after the interview. So there's a Jesus.

Aaron: [00:19:54] She had like a DUI or allegedly a DUI or something too. I'm like, Oh my God, this girl, [00:20:00] she is, she is a mess. I would agree with you. Like it's privileged. She probably thinks she's white or she's rich,  whatever her culture. Right. No ownership of the fact that he even hit that kid, but kind of said she did, but like, am what?

Tamu: [00:20:14] Well, and then it was like, well, his dad grabbed me, his dad grabbed my hair. And so, you know, I'll just leave it there. Well, bitch, you were attacking his son. He's 14 years old. What? You're lucky you didn't get decked.

Aaron: [00:20:25] Right? Heffa I will sit on you. I tell my kids all the time when we walked through the parking lot, I'm like, listen, stay real close.

I'm not trying to get arrested and call your daddy for bail money. And they get it. And they're like, okay. You know, I think in the beginning, I think my twins are like, what is this bitch talking about? You know, it's seven years old. They're like, what is this bitch talking about? But they get it now because my sister does the same thing.

Like, she'll be like, don't, I don't feel like jumping on no hoods today. Hold my hand in this parking lot.

Tamu: [00:20:54] Should we take a break and get into our throwback?

Aaron: [00:20:57] Yes, please. [00:21:00]

   I'm done. 

Tamu: [00:21:20] Aaron is getting down and funky, fresh to " Pumps and a Bump" by 

Aaron: [00:21:26] pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump. who want to pump the bump! . 

Tamu: [00:21:29] Hammer 

Not MC hammer, just hammer. 

Aaron: [00:21:33] Cause he's hard. 

Tamu: [00:21:34] This was after he, I think, lost all of his money and he had to reinvent himself as a cold, hard, N-word because. That's when everybody was doing.

Gangster rap. 

Aaron: [00:21:48] Yes. So he hopped on the trend. Yeah, 

Tamu: [00:21:50] he did in his, um, Oakland A's Jersey and his skull cap and his Timb's and his homeys, 

[00:22:00] Aaron: [00:21:59] you know, I have to say that video. He's a good dancer. He's got a great body too.  I always Marvel at his dancing, but every time I see anything from this hammer era, I just think of how sad it was, you know, behind the music.

He just lost it all and tried to take care of people.  Even now you see him , I don't know how old he, he's 50 something maybe pushing 60 now. He's still trying to hustle. 

Tamu: [00:22:22] He's hawking the 3m tape. 

Aaron: [00:22:23] Right? Exactly. 

I feel like our throwback is supposed to be uplifting or, something funny.

I don't know. But anyway, our stories are chronicled in music. Like Hammer's story is a story that has been told a million times, and many people have died, being successful. And then,  just having it all and. Just pissing it all away, he's lucky, you know? 

Tamu: [00:22:45] Yeah,but see. The sad part is that he didn't piss it away. He was really trying to help people. 

Aaron: [00:22:49] Right. 

Tamu: [00:22:49] He really gave so many people jobs and opportunities and when worst came to worse, ain't nobody  was there for him. 

Aaron: [00:22:56] For those of us who don't know the song because it really, I don't know if it [00:23:00] was a hit. I dunno if it wasn't a hit.  I just remember, like I was in Houston at the time. I remember it,  this is like the rump shaker era new, like this is almost post new Jack swing. This happens to artists all the time. They have to hop on that trends, you know, even if you don't want to. 

 I remember this being a very sad era for hammer, because he was just trying to make money, and new label.

And then he made an uplifting album after this. I guess this was forgiveness  

Tamu: [00:23:26] Sorry for, defiling women with Deion Sanders in the video. 

Aaron: [00:23:30] Within black music  R&B doesn't exist. It exists, right, but it's not nineties, R and B.  You could just  throw a pen at any R&B out there. I, haven't been moved by a lot of R&B today. like hammer everything that the trend or everything that's made popular by people of color, like it's latched on to society.

And then their artistry, their talent dies. They sold out, that's what we do to so many people. We chew them up and we spit them out when we're done with them. And it just never changes. Well, unless [00:24:00] you're Taylor Swift, of course. She's awesome.

Tamu: [00:24:02] She's got a lot of cardigans. 

Aaron: [00:24:04] Oh my God. I love it. 

Tamu: [00:24:10] Did you see Ma Rainey's Black Bottom? 

Aaron: [00:24:13] No, 

Tamu: [00:24:13] on Netflix. 

Aaron: [00:24:14] Rich and I, we have been meaning to watch it, but we're just mentally tapped out at night. When I looked at that movie, I need to be ready for it. Is it deep? 

Tamu: [00:24:24] Yeah, it's just interesting because it goes in line with what you were just saying about, things getting whitewashed after a while, right. And people's artistry being taken over or supplanted by milquetoast, whiteness, where they don't necessarily understand the meaning of the music, but they just trying to sing it and it's hollow.

Except for Taylor, Dane, cause she can sing 

Aaron: [00:24:44] that bitch can say I got a whole list of white girl passes and Taylor Swift is on it.

Tamu: [00:24:50] No Taylor Dane 

Aaron: [00:24:53] Edit that out. I did not say Taylor Swift. She is not on my pass. Not at all.

That was a slip. Taylor [00:25:00] Dane is on my list and Tina Marie is on that list too. That's my bitch. That girl was touched by Negroes. I don't care. What was I going to say about this anyway? I don't remember. It's not important. 

Tamu: [00:25:09] I thought it was pumps in a bump forever until we decided to do the song and I'm like, Oh, it's pumps and a bump like sex and the city not sex in the city 

Aaron: [00:25:18] It's, it's a fun song. That song lives in my head rent free all the time.  

Tamu: [00:25:23] It's a nice little ear worm.

We'll link it in our notes so that you guys can also enjoy pumps and a bump by hammer. 

Aaron: [00:25:32] Oh, Oh, see this one. Doesn't even get a Mariah. Whistle registry.  

Tamu: [00:25:37] Any housekeeping that you'd like to do before we go?

Aaron: [00:25:39] Sure.

I'm going to stop looking at you. Like this whole video thing does not work out because like you just see the fucking shame when you asked the question and I'm just like, okay, fine.

She's holding off a towel. 

Tamu: [00:25:50] I have a curtain.

Aaron: [00:25:51] I will say again. Happy new year. Thanks for listening. Like us subscribe and comment on our [00:26:00] podcasts, download and follow us @whenthebillcomesdue on Instagram and @whenthebillcomesdue on Tik Tok.

Tamu: [00:26:10] Did you know that we have an email address? If you have anything you'd like to say to us, or you have a throwback song, suggestion or something, please feel free to email us at [email protected] 

Aaron: [00:26:24] Yeah. Uh, and then  a hero comes along.

Tamu: [00:26:30] Just couldn't help yourself. Could you 

Aaron: [00:26:32] with the strength to carry on. I think she should have put like a whistle registry in there like.

Tamu: [00:26:44] We're gonna, let Aaron go. 

We're done. 

Aaron: [00:26:48] If you would not turn me off. 

Tamu: [00:26:51] No, 

Aaron: [00:26:52] you do not stifle talent. 

Tamu: [00:26:54] I didn't stifle talent and we're still recording.

Aaron: [00:26:57] Okay, I'm done. Done. 

Tamu: [00:26:58] Be safe, everybody. Don't [00:27:00] forget, even though we're in the middle of crisis of worldwide pandemic proportions, you still gotta social distance wear a mask, wash your hands. Not like these fuckers who have decided to storm the Capitol and they'll end up storming the hospitals in about two weeks.

Aaron: [00:27:13] COVID is real. Stay home. We love you. Thanks for listening.