When the Bill Comes Due

Ep 8: French Kissing in the USA

January 25, 2021 Aaron & Tamu Season 1 Episode 8
When the Bill Comes Due
Ep 8: French Kissing in the USA
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It's hard out there for a pimp, y'all! Aaron and Tamu discuss interracial relationships in a not-so post-racial society that hasn't reconciled itself with the truth. And after 18 seasons, there is finally a black bachelor! They go in on this American treasure and shoot shit real about the current bachelor and his kissing issues and insecurities. This time they compare two throwbacks and discuss why one booty bop is better than the other (Whoomp! There it Is by Tag Team vs. Whoot There It Is by 95 South)! Come through and bring a big ass mug for all this tea and rump shakin'!!


Tamu: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]Welcome to When the Bill Comes Due. I'm Tamu. 

Aaron: [00:00:38] Hey, y'all I'm Aaron. 

How's your inauguration day . 

Tamu: [00:00:41] It was nice to see that happen. It's been very eerily quiet. It's nice. Not to have to wake up and worry that my relatives are going to get deported because of a travel ban. Or some weird deportation thing with green cards, because I believe that was the first day of his tenure. So that's nice

Aaron: [00:00:59] I agree too. It [00:01:00] definitely, I just slept good. I'm still waiting for the several other shoes to drop, but it was nice to have a day. Not have to, wake up and stress and blah, blah, blah. Last week was a good week actually.

Okay. Week, I guess people are still dying and vaccines are a debacle. 

Tamu: [00:01:15] Yes. Because guess what? There was no plan. 


Aaron: [00:01:19] I know. Right. Sounds like we could be  investigators and something. Cause  hello, 

Tamu: [00:01:23] it doesn't seem like it's too far fetched to hard to believe that he wouldn't have anything together.

That's just me. 

Aaron: [00:01:29] I'm just saying I'm not surprised. Like sadly, none of this is surprising we're now probably gonna see the inside of whatever hot mess was living there. It's like the job you took over where that bitch just didn't do it. Oh, so she just stopped.

Huh? Okay. 

Tamu: [00:01:46] Yeah. Except this is actual people's lives and people have died. 

Aaron: [00:01:49] Right. I know. Yeah. It'll be interesting though, 

Tamu: [00:01:51] I have to give the shout out to Michelle Obama. I am forever Stanning for her and her amazing. Amazing outfit [00:02:00] and the zero fucks that she gave rolling up in there and being like, yes, bitch, 

Aaron: [00:02:03] my God. Michelle was, as they say, dripping in it. Oh God, she was snatching wigs left and right. He was like, bitches, I'm not here for tradition. I'm here. For me, 

Oh my God. She was amazing. Amazing. I'm trying to think about the other things about Inauguration. 

Tamu: [00:02:25] Well, the best part of Inauguration, aside from Michelle was that Bernie became a meme and #Berniememes is still going strong.

Aaron: [00:02:33] our newscast here in Portland is encouraging folks to send in Bernie memes. He's been in front of coffee shops here and on the beach and everything. It's nice. I love uncle Bernie. I love uncle Bernie 

Tamu: [00:02:44] he's so crotchety. It was just amazing. That's the second best part.

Third best part was Amanda Gorman and her beautiful poem. 

Aaron: [00:02:52] That girl's amazing. I, was first introduced to her on, I think it was CBS this morning. they did some sort of, special or something [00:03:00] and she, read, spoke one of her original poems.

And I was like, wow, this young lady, this young woman has her head on her  I was so proud and there were so many proud moments. Excellent. In the inauguration, number one, the diversity on the stage.

But Amanda was just there bold, brave, and unafraid to give her a testimony. I say, give her testimony, but it's her art is for beauty. 

I've been dying to ask. What about J-Lo because our last episode, we talked about this. What do you think  

Tamu: [00:03:26] I thought she did fine, 

Aaron: [00:03:28] like. That's it. 

Tamu: [00:03:29] Yeah. I feel like lady Gaga killed it. I know you thought she was being extra and that's fine.

She's extra, but she can actually sing and she sang her face off. 

Aaron: [00:03:40] She can sing. I think for me I didn't like the arrangement. Maybe that was why I didn't love it, but I agree. I love lady Gaga live. She's got a great voice. It's very versatile. 

Tamu: [00:03:50] You know, it was a shitty thing for them to do, to have J-Lo follow her.

Aaron: [00:03:54] and I think that was a prerecorded track for J-Lo. 

Tamu: [00:03:57] Yeah. 

Aaron: [00:03:57] Right. I think so too. [00:04:00] Yeah, it was cute though.  

Tamu: [00:04:01] It was a very pop. Like performance. 

Aaron: [00:04:04] We've had this conversation. I love J-Lo I've loved her since On the Sixth. I didn't even know if she could sing a note, but I was just  Oh my God, I'm going to buy that album.

And I love, I love, love her. I have every single album, but she does have a nice voice. She's 

Tamu: [00:04:17] perfectly fine. 

Aaron: [00:04:18] I really think now,  it's certainly a mature, she has a much more mature voice, I think about, , how Madonna sort of turned her voice into something different after Evita.

Right. I think J-Lo is really stepping into her voice stepping into her abilities and her range, but she'll never be Mariah. You knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. 

Tamu: [00:04:38] All right. In insurrection news, the double standards, just keep coming, 

Aaron: [00:04:43] what they do now, girl. 

Tamu: [00:04:44] I'm sure you've heard that a lot of the people are getting released on bail or release into the care of parents or. not having to stay in jail for their crimes. 

many, many, many, many people of color and [00:05:00] black people are in jail today for less offenses than sedition and treason and yeah. 

Aaron: [00:05:05] Stealing a pack of gum 

Tamu: [00:05:07] stealing a backpack. 

Aaron: [00:05:08] Someone sent me something about a boy who was arrested, who was still in jail for three years for allegedly. Stealing a backpack and being in jail for three years without trial, 

Tamu: [00:05:16] Kalief Browder. He's dead now. 

Aaron: [00:05:18] Oh, Is he really? 

Tamu: [00:05:19] Yes. He killed himself after getting out of jail because he was that tormented from his experience. 

Aaron: [00:05:25] Oh my God.

Tamu: [00:05:25] So yes, folks racism still alive and they don't be concealing it, not to quote Kanye. 

Keep on watching for it. Cause it's still out here and don't just think that, because now we have a new president, everything is magically going to change and be different.

It's the same shit different day and in a new package. 

Aaron: [00:05:43] I just feel like, there is less stress, at least we have an adult in the room, right?  Do you think that folks will become bi-partisan or that we'll have some good efforts at it?

 I think that there's a possibility, but it's a long shot. They're still pissing on each other. 

Tamu: [00:05:57] That's nice for you to be hopeful but no. 

Aaron: [00:05:59] I don't [00:06:00] know I'm hopeful.

Tamu: [00:06:00] Your own fucking Senator has already started to put kibosh is on things. 

Aaron: [00:06:05] No. Well, she's a mess anyway. 

Tamu: [00:06:06] So there's your bipartisanship. 

Aaron: [00:06:08] It's still early. 

Tamu: [00:06:09] If you want to sit up here and believe that these people who literally the day after they almost got murdered, came out and said, no, Joe Biden still isn't to the president is going to change their 


Aaron: [00:06:17] Of course not. But I'm thinking in the future, the tide is turning. I'm not saying tomorrow, we're all going to be kumbaya, but there's an appetite for people to work together and get shit done. 

Tamu: [00:06:28] I don't believe that at all. I think there's an appetite for it for us. politicians are politicians and they're all full of shit.

And I mean that across the board. So we'll see the same people are here doing the same shit.  The same people are in power, they continue to show themselves. It's nice that people want to believe that this isn't going to happen, but they've already shown you who they are. If they've already almost died and nothing has changed, they haven't like three 60.

Not going to happen.

Aaron: [00:06:53] We're going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

Tamu: [00:06:55] So let's go to our topic for the day, [00:07:00] interracial relationships. Yup. 

Aaron: [00:07:01] Yup, I did want to ask you and I have unique friend bases that are primarily white, and obviously I'm married to a white guy, . But I'm curious to know like how have those relationships changed. post George Floyd given sort of this reckoning, this awakening, or have they at all?

That's a loaded question. 

Tamu: [00:07:18] Some of them have changed, obviously. We've spoken about it already in other episodes. I think it was his last episode. I said none of my friends have asked me  to give them advice or things.

That they should do for black people or whatever. And of course that Monday or Tuesday, someone was like, Oh, what can I do? It was like, no.

Aaron: [00:07:40] I remember, George Floyd and every fucking where people are like, I see you. I hear you. I'll never understand what it's like. And I stand with you. It was more of a popular statement to make, which had really great sentiment, but are you really meaning what you say?

I wouldn't say that I [00:08:00] question any of my relationships honestly, but I just look at them differently. I think about there's probably an opportunity to. Correct. Some things that I wouldn't have corrected in the beginning,

 I remember when rich and I first got together. to look at the contrast of our skin color and just think wow,  it just wasn't a big deal to me. It was more like it was normal. It was just us loving each other. it would be the closest  at least for me, Believing the statement. I see no color. Obviously I see that my husband's white, but there's something else that's so much deeper than his skin color. And I think that's true for a lot of my friends and my relationships too. Definitely having gone through like George Floyd, you, cherish them more.

Or you appreciate that they understand, or that they're trying to understand. Then you also have the other side of it too, where you're just like, I don't want to fucking teach you. You always been a fucking racist. I have no reason to talk to you now. 

, I've had to say many times I don't hate white people. I just hate racism. And if you're not signing on to the cause [00:09:00] right, then what the fuck are we doing here?

You obviously have dated white men and black men,  would you date another white guy or black guy?

 Do you have a preference now or don't matter 

Tamu: [00:09:10] I would date a guy.

Aaron: [00:09:13] You heard it here, folks. 

Tamu: [00:09:14] it doesn't matter to me. Regardless of whatever your racial or ethnic identity there are parameters that can't be breached, right? We don't tolerate homophobia. We don't tolerate misogyny and xenophobia. We don't tolerate any of those sorts of things.

So that supersedes. Racial identity and ethnicity period.  I have had a different experience, even with my friendships, they've always been very multicultural, so that's not really a problem for me per se, but I do think about the fact that the two people that I dated who were white, I don't think we would have made it through. this reckoning

don't think that they would be strong enough to make it through the reckonings. Just going to say that.

Aaron: [00:09:58] The guy before [00:10:00] rich, I think the same thing, there's no absolute way. We could not be here together.

Tamu: [00:10:06] You know, I had the question do black people tan, so that probably should have been the key for me to get out

Aaron: [00:10:11] what was it? The Dick girl? Was it the Dick? 

Tamu: [00:10:14] No, I thought I love them 

Aaron: [00:10:15] We're never going to get to anything else because  we keep coming up with these comments, but I was at work and they've given us  this communication about  how to communicate with people, blah, blah, blah. And one of the bullet points was make people feel comfortable, don't comment on  hair or their, or like they're wearing a scar, which I thought was, Oh, that's really, really awesome.

But to me though, I'd be like, Ooh girl, you are beat today. You know? So that just steals the joy away from me. My gay heart just died when I read that, I was like, what, what am I supposed to say then? That's how we get through it. 

Tamu: [00:10:48] Well, there it is. 

Aaron: [00:10:50] Hey, nice transition.

Tamu: [00:10:52] Decided to do a little fun and exciting.

Combination to watch the new historic [00:11:00] bachelor or as I like to call it the black-chleor, because it's the first black bachelor in 18 fucking seasons of this show.

Aaron: [00:11:09] Tell me, what are your first impressions? Let's start with episode. So full disclosure. I have failed to finish all three seasons to this point. So. Whatever. 

I will tell you full disclosure. I hate the bachelor, I have seen maybe one episode and that's about it. So Tamu came with his amazing challenge for us to watch the bachelor and discuss it. And at first. First episode, 25 minutes in. I had recruited my twins to watch it with me.

We could barely get through 25 minutes. It was just hokey shit. It was hokey shit. Right. So I didn't watch anymore until. Maybe a couple of hours ago. I watched the end of the first one and the second one and I am hook line and sinker sister hook, line, and sinker. There is enough drama. so total side note?

Why are all the fucking Victoria's at least that I [00:12:00] know, like her, 

Tamu: [00:12:00] I don't know any Victoria's. 

I don't want to, um, be negative or mean, and I'm not trying to be, but I don't understand 

Aaron: [00:12:10] What's her strategy 

Tamu: [00:12:11] I don't understand, I feel like she's a plant from the producers. 

Aaron: [00:12:15] There were a lot of scripted moments and I, and she feels really scripted to me, really scripted and he feels really scripted to me actually. 

Tamu: [00:12:23] Let me just say one thing as we start this discussion off. If  i hear, one more fucking deep exhale.

I am going to scream every five minutes. Someone's exhaling, especially him. He's always inhaling and exhaling deep exhales. To bring himself into the moment, give me a fucking break, bro. 

Aaron: [00:12:43] never watched the bachelor, but I have to know  is it as dramatic as this?

It feels really dramatic and  to me personally, he's very insecure. He seems insecure and much like he's, it's an acting job 

Tamu: [00:12:58] possibly. He's a [00:13:00] commercial real estate. Broker. 

Aaron: [00:13:03] He has a real job. I miss that part. 

Tamu: [00:13:04] Well, that's in the beginning, the first twenty-five minutes, which we're paying attention to details.

I say he was, you thought he was ugly when you knew he was black. And then when you found out he was mixed, you were like, Oh, he's cute. 

Aaron: [00:13:14] No, he's still not cute to me. I decided I've decided, he's not cute to me anymore. 

Tamu: [00:13:19] He's not cute because he's an asshole. 

Aaron: [00:13:21] And he's stupid as hell. 

Tamu: [00:13:22] He's boring as fuck.

Aaron: [00:13:23] This is like a train wreck for me.  This feels like real Housewives of Atlanta shit, about to pop off 

Tamu: [00:13:28] I mean, don't diss them. Okay. Don't diss the Housewives of Atlanta. 

Aaron: [00:13:33] This other thing that I saw  I don't know if you picked it up either, but The women of color or the biracial, whatever that were there that spoke with him, or  would have these intimate conversations. They were really more about undertones of growing up black or being a minority, blah, blah, blah adversity.

And the other girls, I just noticed, they were just kinda like, I want to win, you know,  , there's no depth to it. And I'm like, what are you guys doing here? It's weird. I, [00:14:00] it is just really fucked up  and the fact that, it's black lives matter. This is the wave that, washed over ABC and here we have this guy. And they're just like, Oh, let's put his black ass in here and blah, blah, blah, and make history. And it was, it's weird. It's just weird for me, but I'm going to watch it. Don't worry 

Tamu: [00:14:17] You didn't watch the third episode 

Aaron: [00:14:19] You can spoil it for me too, honestly,

Tamu: [00:14:21] in doing some reading about the show after I watched the first three episodes, this bachelor, Matt was actually supposed to be on the the last season of the bachelorette.

But because of COVID, everything kind of got. Put on hold so he didn't end up doing it, but he's friends with he's linked up to people who are very popular within the bachelor nation.

So they kind of got him in and talked to them up 

Aaron: [00:14:45] I hate watching American Idol now. And most of these shows because , you're almost selling your story, your secret,  to  win. America's heart or the judges or whomever.  It's obviously spilled over into the bachelor so here they have this [00:15:00] opportunity to  have this black guy come on the show. And of course, I think his dad was in prison.

Was this that in prison? Or that was just out of the picture. They got divorced when he was young.  And was just absent. And the only one is there is the mom. And I just think. How really fucked up is that , this is what you're doing.  I don't want to discount his story. Right. Because  he has risen above his adversity. . But of all of the stories to tell, in my opinion, I think he's probably an actor anyway, but all the stories is sort of latch onto until in this environment. When all of black America, in my personal opinion is watching this.

Potentially right watching this. And wouldn't it be lovely to, does it seem like something positive about a black experience? Just like those same counterpart bachelors had a mom and a dad and a family full of blah, blah, blah, and three dogs. So why couldn't they reach out and find that person you can't tell me that all the hot black man are fatherless.

You know, that's not how it works out. [00:16:00] People need to sit down fucking think about it and do it right. I don't want you to just throw a black person on the screen because you think I want to see a black person.  That's like me arguing with my kids' school to say, I want to see teachers that look like my kids.

I don't want you to just throw a black person in there and start teaching science. And her real forte is English. You know, that's not going to work out.  I just want them, all, everybody companies, media, everyone to just step back and think about it and think about it, 

Tamu: [00:16:29] because it's harmful.  It's a negative stereotype of the black family in  not a hundred percent true and accurate . here we go again.  And yes, obviously, sometimes you're going to have situations like this where, you know, who knows why they got divorced, who knows why he's not on this person's life.

Aaron: [00:16:45] Right. 

Tamu: [00:16:46] All of those things can happen. And it happens in white families as well. Unfortunately, this just seems to be the prevalent major storyline that black men ain't shit. And they always leave their families. Then you have this  poor young men who suffered through the adversity without having a [00:17:00] daddy and having to live his life and find his way and make himself strong, but also be very.

Insecure and have truly no sense of intimacy whatsoever. 

Aaron: [00:17:10] Oh my God. What was really blowing me away was episode two. Like he was laying the tongue, like every fucking second. 

Tamu: [00:17:18] Even the first episode where he was kissing the deaf girl, which I appreciate that they brought someone in with an actual handicap, when he immediately just started tongue and her down, I'm like, Oh my God. We're still in COVID I know you guys have quarantined, but damn.

Aaron: [00:17:32] He's incredibly awkward. He really is. But, I'm here for it. 

Tamu: [00:17:36] What did you think when he was basically saying that,  he's not going to date black women 

Aaron: [00:17:40] stop sign was that in the beginning? 

Tamu: [00:17:43] Yes. When he was talking to Chris Harrison about being the first black bachelor 

Aaron: [00:17:47] I think that number one, Why would he put that pressure on himself? First of all, this is some fake ass shit in the first place. Right. And there's a 70, 30 chance that you'll stay with this person.

 Thinking about history with [00:18:00] his mom, one of my thoughts was  I guess for women, you know, you're married someone like your dad, they say, so maybe that's true that  he wants to marry someone like his mom.

It's possible. I think it's bullshit, but it's possible. What do you think it's about? 

Tamu: [00:18:12] Again, I have issues when it comes to this sort of thing. So I'm going to just lay my color cards on the table. If he doesn't want to date black women, he should say so upfront and just be done with it, because guess what?

We're all watching. And we all know what's going to happen is there's going to end up with some white bitch and that's fine. That is your choice. Do what you want, but don't come here like, well, you know what if I do, and people are going to say something. If I do, people are going to say something, their disease to me is 20 fucking 21 bra.

We're good. 

Aaron: [00:18:43] To me, he has a type, like he likes the brunettes. He likes to blonde hair girls, little bit.  That one little girl, she's cute. She's kind of cute.

I personally, I would agree with you. I feel like he's wasting his time because I see his type. 

Tamu: [00:18:57] It's a diverse mix of women. But we already [00:19:00] know he going to pick the light ones, or the white ones. So just do it. Don't don't pretend. And then take your tongue lashing. 

Aaron: [00:19:07] Part of the reason why I was intrigued to watch the bachelor with you was, because everything just takes on a different meaning for me, like everything looks differently to me. I wish I had seen a bachelor show before this.  Or at least a whole season to be able to compare it. I think these are lessons and systemic racism. I talked a lot over the summer about big brother, with my kids. That was an experiment and racism. They attacked black people because they were a threat  for whatever reason. these stories are always very interesting  especially for a biracial person  it's hard to navigate that, first of all, where do you fit in? And then who do you love? Which it shouldn't be. You should never put that pressure on yourself anyway.

I think that's probably a really difficult. Challenge for people. In the same respect, I don't really get the sense that, well, I guess he did say he would be the first black bachelor, but I also didn't really get the sense from him that he really claimed that he was black. His [00:20:00] whole existence was with his mother, his white mother  there's that piece of it too. The age old storyline, which, you know society. Yes. But that hasn't been his journey.  He grew up with a white mother. He grew up with privilege. He didn't grow up black, That we know of, , and I obviously, don't know this guy, but I just get this sense that he doesn't own it the way he should own it, or,  he's more white than he is black.

Tamu: [00:20:24] It's like, Oh, okay. He's got a white mom, so it's. Yeah. It's okay. Like he can kiss our white ladies. 

Aaron: [00:20:29] It's what you mentioned earlier too. Like I told you, Dayonna and I were sitting there watching it and Dayonna was instant. Oh, he's ugly. And then I was like, yeah, I don't really think he's cute at all. Then you heard his story, it's almost like a, scarf or something you wanted to buy you're like, Oh my God, this is, too expensive or whatever but then you're like, Oh, it's Givenchy  and you're like, Oh my God, I cannot resist.

As the society, we are those people, . We are those people that are like, something needs to draw you in. And I've talked before about the fact that I think I ended up with a white guy because I had daddy issues and. That my school [00:21:00] was mostly white and Mexican people.

I think too, when I looked at the bachelor and I saw him.  It was the same sort of like, well, I'm not attracted to black guys, I married a white guy, blah, blah, blah. So that was number one. Right. But then when you heard his story, like, Oh, interesting. Let me see. And I looked and I was like, yeah, no, 

 he's got a hot ass body though. I wish that this show was,  naked attraction.

That's my shit. 

Tamu: [00:21:25] We might not want to see his naked attraction. 

 Aaron: [00:21:27] I also think the bachelor is weird too, because. It's like speed dating, but awkward dating. And it's  public and there's a lot of pressure and it's catty and it's not real. So what is the point? 

Tamu: [00:21:40] Watch drunk girls yell at each other, And to watch a guy in French, a bunch of chicks and then have sex with two of them at the end.

Aaron: [00:21:46] I do think it's very sexist though. Overall, I think it's incredibly sexist and it really breaks my heart. I'm glad my daughter doesn't like to show because some of these girls they're like really pining over this man.

 I've seen some of , the [00:22:00] bachelorette, and the portrayal of the guys, they're never portrayed as weak or at least what I saw and these women. Are literally being portrayed as, I need a man to save me and he's the last great hope, , white, black, or whatever,

and  it's incredibly sexist and disgusting to watch. Honestly, 

18 seasons ago? the bachelor, it was reality, right? It's like the real world. So it was cool. But now you, when you stop and think about it, you're like, hold the fucking minute.

My daughter is watching this. Our kids are watching this.  What is this telling us? We need to go on a reality show in order to find a man. No, that's not how it works. 

Tamu: [00:22:38] A lot of this  is very, it's unfair to the woman it just breeds and fosters their insecurities.

And. Adds fuel to the fire with alcohol because you hardly ever see food. 

Aaron: [00:22:49] it definitely perpetuates this sexist culture.  It's a stereotype that women need a man to be happy, or  they need, this [00:23:00] certain good looking man or that women who look this certain way on the bachelor are the only kind of women that men are attracted to.

 Let's have a real fucking bachelor because that's not the rest of the world. 

Tamu: [00:23:13] It'd be nice to see an older demographic. I would like to see a bachelor and bachelorette in the forties, in my age bracket. Some of us are single. 

Put a bunch of people my age in there and there'll be like, listen, where is he again? Cause this resort is nice.

I'm just trying to make it to the next week so I could stay here longer. 

Aaron: [00:23:37] You know, moved all the way up to third base. Like, um, we're not allowed to do that here. Ma'am 

Tamu: [00:23:42] I was going to be like, wait, where's the crab legs at? Where's the shrimp cocktail you'd just, be seeing me eating and drinking cocktails just being like, Hey, 

Aaron: [00:23:51] and my rider said, put. Extra big bottles of hot sauce in my, 

Tamu: [00:23:57] I didn't get to go on a group date again, bummer. I have to stay [00:24:00] here. Oh, no. what's on the menu. 

Aaron: [00:24:05] I think the storylines will be so much interesting, but the shitty thing is that, this show ever came out, it would be like, we need drama.  there needs to be an angle.  

Tamu: [00:24:13] We should evolve ourselves. I agree too. Watch a storyline that might be less full of, stupid contrived drama and have real drama, because guess what? Our lives have drama in them, regardless of how boring we seem to be.

We still have to go through shit. 

Aaron: [00:24:31] That's right. 

Tamu: [00:24:32] I'd rather see real life drama than petty drama. Like she said, my hair is bad. So I can't go out.

Aaron: [00:24:44] My granite countertop will not be installed on time.

 I told you yesterday, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it, but then you sent me that text. Like I finished it all and we got to [00:25:00] talk about it. I was like, Oh shit, here we go 

Tamu: [00:25:02] You're seeing the same story perpetuate itself over and over again. Oh, it's a one, it's something about me that they did. Oh my God. I'm so sorry. White princess, how can I help? You can get rid of them for me. And in the meantime, this poor lady has no idea what's happening.

All He had to do, was ask to see footage was say, you know what? Y'all are grown ass ladies. Figure it out, suck it up and deal. I don't know you. And I don't know you, so I can't make a determination as to who's bullying whom.

Then the third one, it gets worse. Another Karen with white tears, wrecking some other person of colors, opportunity and chance again. 

Aaron: [00:25:43] This is our entertainment. This is our entertainment. And it's ugly. We've woken up and here we are in the middle of this, post-racial awareness, I'll call it awareness. Cause don't nobody care.  They keep creating the same. [00:26:00] Storylines and stereotypes who will step out and be like, you know what, let's stop showing a weak woman,  let's show a real woman let's,  whatever it is,  instead of this, we were talking about that earlier. Like there ain't going to be no change, but  it does take all of us,  including our politicians, right.

They're not. Changing as quickly as we would like them to. Right. The same is true with media radio, everything else. I think a lot of us are sitting around here and we're ready to fucking change. Like we're ready to fucking change. What's the holdup. Like this could be priority.

Number one in everyone's fucking life. Anyway, I'm off my soap box about it.

Tamu: [00:26:35] If he unpacks , and says vulnerability, one more time.

I'm going to scream. 

Aaron: [00:26:41] Holy fucking shit. I'm like really? Okay. We understand honey, when you've been through trauma in your life and you want somebody to share, Oh, before we end this, I want to talk about the girl. She has a Persian mom. a black dad.

I love their story. I love how they connected, but the whole time I was thinking. Why the fuck [00:27:00] would you two get together? Like you came from the same fucked up past like that.

I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no. 

Tamu: [00:27:10] That's right. Well, I kind of wanted to know, cause she's at her mom got pregnant at 

13. Oh my God. I almost don't want to share 

more about that. 

Aaron: [00:27:20] Yes, that was another clutch. The Pearl moment for me, 

Tamu: [00:27:23] but I do like her she's her name is Bree. She seems nice. 

Aaron: [00:27:28] I agree. She's beautiful. And she's pretty beautiful dark skin girl. 

Tamu: [00:27:32] Did you get to the challenge yet? Where the ladies had to run around in the woods? Yeah. So I appreciated the one real black chick she had on a plastic cap.


She was like y'all ain't fucking with my, hair  this weave is expensive. 

Aaron: [00:27:54] You're not fucking up my lace front, bitch . 

 They need to see, this is the [00:28:00] planning, ABC black people don't do that shit. 

Tamu: [00:28:02] We don't need to run around in the woods in the mud. We don't play that game. 

Aaron: [00:28:06] What could we do? What could we do instead?

I mean, I don't want to state the obvious, like, you know, a chicken wing contest or something

Tamu: [00:28:12] A spades tournament.


oh, I forgot. I do have a degree of separation to the bachelor. Location. 

Aaron: [00:28:34] It looks beautiful. 

Tamu: [00:28:35] Yeah. It's gorgeous. It's like an hour and a half South of Pittsburgh. 

Aaron: [00:28:39] It made them give me my own fucking room. I mean nobody's there. Why couldn't they all have it? 

Tamu: [00:28:43] All those ladies could have had their own rooms and that chick did not have to stay with that crazy girl. 

Aaron: [00:28:47] Victoria  I want to see how far she gets, that don't make no goddamn sense. Like she sitting there other than the stir shit up. 

Tamu: [00:28:54] She's really interesting. Like, I don't understand her outfits choices, her undergarment foundation [00:29:00] choices, like her bra choices, or don't understand a lot of what's going on with her.

I really am confused. Like I really feel like she's a plant. I also feel like. Are you that on aware of what's going on around you, that you're not even paying attention to the women. you can't really see that this lady is full of shit. Like she's clearly full of crap, right? It's obvious, but you can't see that. Cause all you want to do is stick your tongue down people's throats. 

Aaron: [00:29:24] And the kiss was gross when she gets in the first time at the wedding, whenever I was like, Oh my God, please stop. This is gross. 

Tamu: [00:29:31] She's just too much. And he's also too much. I mean, he's a bad kisser. 

Aaron: [00:29:35] You don't know how to get them little soup coolers together,  you got to ease into the tongue, you know, he's just give a nice little kiss. He got nice juicy lips. I don't understand. 

Tamu: [00:29:44] We'll just keep trying to get through as much as we can. We'll see what happens in the next I'm like, what are the black girl you're going to shit on now, dude, Or what other person of color woman are you going to shit on next? Because so far he's done it twice to two different women.

the chick [00:30:00] who, ran around with a dildo, she thought she was going to get the first impression Rose. And let me tell you something. She tapped that bitch on the shoulder with that dildo. 

She tapped the right one. Cause she tapped the wrong one. She've saw them hands and that dildo flying.

Aaron: [00:30:14] I dare. You don't know where that Dick has, man. No, thank you. 

We're never going to get off this fucking topic, by the way. I hate this on my iPad. Like, and he, I hope he gives me a Rose and everybody talks like they're in fifth grade and even the black girls are like, I'm like, girl, Be you be yourself. You don't have to code, switch. He's looking for down ass bitch.

Do it. It's not, he's not right.

Tamu: [00:30:42] You got some goddamn nerve. You sit up here and talk like them too. So do I, we talk like that. 

Aaron: [00:30:48] We do. We do. We do. We do. Well, you do, but I mean, yes, it code switching is code switching. I mean, it's code switching, right? Like when you're in a room full of people [00:31:00] that talk the same, you're going to talk the same.

Just like when you're around your family, you probably have a little more accent or, you know, or whatever. 

Tamu: [00:31:07] I don't know. Sadly, I don't. They  like, you sound like you're from Minnesota. 

Aaron: [00:31:11] I remember my mom, we used to go home to Texas and my dad's side and they would always tell my mom, they go, Linda, your kids sound like little white kids.

That is always, always, always stuck in my head. Like always stuck in my head if people said that to you too. 

Tamu: [00:31:27] No, they're just like, you've just always sounded this way. I've never not spoken this way. 

Aaron: [00:31:33] Okay. Yeah, same. 

Sidetracking with this conversation, but, I used to work for an organization with a bunch of doctors  a lot of our interactions are on the phone. At that time, we weren't doing video.  I sound like a white person. And  I walked into this room full of doctors and this woman. Just looked at me like, like I was like, hi, I'm Aaron. And she just was, like I said, I know I'm probably, I sound like a white guy from Minnesota and everybody laughed, but we always have to break up [00:32:00] that shit.

Right. Like where someone is like, what the fuck is this black ass bitch doing in this room? She was the only one that looked, or at least I had that interaction with, 

I have to deal with that all the time, walking into a room and  it gives me an insecurity. It used to anyway, but now I'm like, I'm here. How you do it?

I don't really know if that people are like disappointed or like whatever. I don't really like stick around for their reaction. 

Tamu: [00:32:23] Any last thoughts about, the show and interracial relationships and how they kind of parlay.

Aaron: [00:32:30] I'm done. I'm done. 

Tamu: [00:32:31] We're going to take a moment and , come back with our throwback.

 So today's throwback. Because the Geico commercials have been on with Tag Team doing their,  Whoomp there, it is for ice cream. made me think of the fact that there's two different [00:33:00] versions of that song.

One is called Whoot There It Is by 95 South and one is called Whoomp There It Is by Tag team. 

Aaron: [00:33:07] Okay. So do you want to, do you want to start off by telling me which one's your favorite, your preferred. 

Tamu: [00:33:12] My preferred is the 95  South Whoot. There it is. It came out first. They both came out in 93, one in February and one in may. And I actually was listening to the  history of the songs and apparently 95 South had theirs first, but they mixed them in the same studio.

And one of the members of tag team was a DJ heard that song. And then they basically took pieces of Whoot and changed it to, Whoomp. We have two different versions 

Aaron: [00:33:44] I remember like these songs, coming out and I just thought, why the fuck?  Were so close to each other. I was like, why are these songs being the same? And then why the fuck can they not coordinate the names? I thought it was like a remix or something.

Right. I would agree with you like 95 South. That's the only [00:34:00] one I know that was the first one I knew of. it was year I graduated from high school. I lived in Houston at the time, so I have fond memories of that song. We used to have this club called faces. I don't think that's the name of it,  it was a teen club. 16, and up to go there. And so you get  your orange juice and there was a bar and you felt really fucking cool. And I always went there by myself cause At that time. I wasn't, old enough to go to the gay clubs with my brother.

So I had to go to these places and  Whoot There It Is. Was like my jam. That was like, Oh, this is my shit right here. I have fond childhood memories of Whoot There It Is. But I do like the other one too.  The other one's fun.

Tamu: [00:34:38] The problem with the other one was that it just kind of oversaturated and overdone. And that is why we see it in a Geico commercial with ice cream. Once they did the ice cream song remix to it. It's funny. I laugh every time I see that commercial. Cause instead of shock, a LACA it's Choco-lata, choco-lata, choco-lata.

I liked that other one better. 

Aaron: [00:34:57] I agree. It wasn't, it Whoot was [00:35:00] not as popular as Whoomp 

Tamu: [00:35:01] no, 

Aaron: [00:35:01] it never made it to basketball jams basically. 

That's when, you know, you made it, when you make it to basketball camps, 

 I also have an affinity towards 95 South because one of the first places I moved to was Miami. That is the Miami sound.  That song it was like my theme song, my motivation. I love that song, it's such a classic at the time. Definitely. Definitely a classic Miami song

Tamu: [00:35:25] twerking has been around forever because were sitting up here talking about twerking in that, song 

Aaron: [00:35:30] that's right. That's right. This is old hat 

Tamu: [00:35:33] it's about the booty. 

Aaron: [00:35:34] It is though.  It's really fucked up. Our favorite songs are sexist anthems. They really are. Yeah, 

Tamu: [00:35:40] they, they are. And again, we acknowledge the fact that this is a booty shaky song about stripped ladies and twerking and misogyny.

Aaron: [00:35:51] I don't,  I had an affinity for it. Like there's more energy in Whoot than there isn't, it's 

Tamu: [00:35:56] When I was listening to the little mini [00:36:00] informative, 10 minute explanation of the two songs, 

Aaron: [00:36:03] Where did you get that from. 

Tamu: [00:36:04] I just found it online. I'll put it in the link. If, anybody's actually really interested  into our show notes, along with the videos of the both songs, you can make your own as this guy was saying that Whoot is musically a better song.

 They sampled from a lot more, artists than Whoomp did 

Aaron: [00:36:22] I would agree with you, like better produced, just a better sound. I love that song and it's a bop. 

Tamu: [00:36:28] They're both party songs. 

Aaron: [00:36:29] Definitely. Definitely.

Tamu: [00:36:30] Except I would rather go to a Whoot party than a Whoomp party.

Aaron: [00:36:34] They got, they got stacks of weed in the back at the woot party.

Tamu: [00:36:41] Anytime. I see the commercial for Geico now I just think, damn it. I really like Whoot. There it is. 

Aaron: [00:36:46] The commercials very entertaining, 

Tamu: [00:36:48] I think that it's a great commercial.

They changed the lyrics. It's hilarious. You know, and then at the end, one of the guys that's thrown up sprinkles and he's like, sprinkle, 

well, that was wonderful.  

[00:37:00] Aaron: [00:36:59] I will do the housekeeping. So guys.

I'm sorry, she's put up a towel. Partition partition. Is that what you're about to say?

Thanks guys for listening as always like us subscribe, comment.  Follow us. We are on Instagram @whenthebillcomesdue. We're on Tik Tok. @whenthebillcomesdue or you can send your comments via email [email protected], I'm really sorry to laugh, but if you could just see, I want to screen print this, they can post it online.

She's hiding behind a towel, so she doesn't mess up my vocals. Cause you know, it's very important to a butterfly.

All right, we're done. 

[00:38:00] Tamu: [00:37:59] Good job. 

Aaron: [00:38:00] Thanks. 

Tamu: [00:38:01] I'll have to put a whistle of registry warning 

Aaron: [00:38:03] no. 

Tamu: [00:38:04] Our friend. Alison mentioned the fact that they do send her into a surprise.

Aaron: [00:38:08] I love it. I love you, Allison. Okay, I'm going to give her an extra one. 

Tamu: [00:38:15] Everybody stay safe? Wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask. 

Aaron: [00:38:20] Don't kiss anybody. You don't know. 

Tamu: [00:38:22] Cause that guy is kissing a lot of people on the bachelor. . 

Aaron: [00:38:25] And fellas, ease into it. A bitch loves it. When you play with them lips, we're beyond that. Like you're not a porn star. Stop.

Tamu: [00:38:32] We going to step out now. 

Aaron: [00:38:33] Okay. Bye.