Talking Michigan Transportation
Crash numbers, like some drivers, are going the wrong way
Crash numbers, like some drivers, are going the wrong way 21:11 Chief advocate for driverless vehicles explains their lifesaving potential 25:05 Bans on hand-held phone use by drivers: Do they work? 28:57 The grades are in and Michigan infrastructure still needs help 26:14 Federal grants boost Michigan transportation investments 25:43 For Earth Day 2023, let’s talk about sunflowers, bees, and roadways 34:32 Bills would allow for work zone speed cameras, HOV lanes, other changes 26:34 MDOT wins federal grants to enhance rural transit, cross-border freight movement 26:07 Revisiting a conversation about automated speed enforcement in work zones 27:12 Recognizing minority transportation business success during Black History Month 30:41 Celebrating Black History Month, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist shares optimism for I-375 conversion 19:20 Revisiting the I-375 transformation during Black History Month 19:49 Michigan’s chief mobility officer reflects on achievements 28:08 Legislature appropriates $25 million for a key West Michigan freeway interchange 24:13 Study examines feasibility of tolling some Michigan roads 25:43 The Gordie Howe International Bridge takes shape 24:20 A recap of 2022 major road and bridge projects 22:26 Recapping 2022 transportation-related legislation in Michigan 25:17 Report recommends policies to enhance Michigan’s position as a mobility leader 22:25 The use of humor on highway signs and the future of DOT Twitter feeds 24:33 What’s in MDOT’s Five Year Transportation Program? 22:05 Tim Hoeffner, unplugged: What’s the future for passenger rail service in Michigan? 31:10 Equity in infrastructure: Taking the pledge 25:58 The property acquisition process for transportation projects explained 34:00 Public perceptions of roads and funding, Part II 18:57