Talking Michigan Transportation
Slow but steady progress on legislation to protect road workers
Episode Artwork Slow but steady progress on legislation to protect road workers 32:33 Episode Artwork As construction season kicks off, a focus on protecting workers 26:11 Episode Artwork Determining which roads to fix 24:23 Episode Artwork How Complete Streets support mobility for all 23:28 Episode Artwork Here’s how MDOT supports electric vehicle charging 20:52 Episode Artwork Poll: Michiganders want taxes paid at the fuel pump to go to roads, but it’s not that simple 29:19 Episode Artwork Gov. Whitmer’s proposed budget includes more to enhance opportunity for all 24:37 Episode Artwork Gordie Howe International Bridge team continues to invest in communities 36:12 Episode Artwork Why the state is asking citizens how to fund transportation 21:15 Episode Artwork Meet Garrett Dawe, MDOT’s new engineer of traffic and safety 20:48 Episode Artwork Gearing up for a bomb cyclone on the Lake Michigan shore 21:36 Episode Artwork Meet Mike Hayes, chair of the STC 26:40 Episode Artwork Insights from a top automotive industry reporter 33:27 Episode Artwork Michigan’s first-in-the-nation EV charging roadway 31:34 Episode Artwork Has the pandemic forever changed our walking habits? 18:56 Episode Artwork Five months after enacting Michigan’s hands-free law, new data emerges 32:50 Episode Artwork Senate committee takes up safety cameras to protect road workers 24:47 Episode Artwork Safety experts seek solutions to wrong-way drivers causing crashes 27:18 Episode Artwork A Michigan State House fiscal analyst breaks down transportation funding 24:26 Episode Artwork How transportation improves economy, quality of life 24:43 Episode Artwork Gov. Whitmer signs carpool lane bills for I-75 in Oakland County 24:06 Episode Artwork Meet MDOT’s first director of new Office of Major Projects 22:52 Episode Artwork How police are using license plate readers to solve and thwart crimes 25:28 Episode Artwork Veteran automotive analyst talks EVs, labor negotiations and more 25:15 Episode Artwork Managing floods when there’s nowhere for the water to go 27:21