Talking Michigan Transportation
Visit a Michigan state park and charge your EV while you’re there
Visit a Michigan state park and charge your EV while you’re there 24:01 Inspecting and managing bridges during a long-term funding shortage 19:16 Rebuilding Michigan projects take shape across the state and an update on bonding 25:50 New research yields surprises on traffic safety messages 29:04 A pioneering agreement between Michigan and federal government for national parks 34:19 Even with rising costs, hundreds of road projects take shape 18:26 The challenges and perils of falling ice on the Mackinac Bridge 24:47 Fuel tax pauses, why U.S. transit projects cost so much, and EVs saving lives 22:53 The perils of decades of under investing in roads 30:10 Gov. Whitmer joins MDOT, community partners to celebrate a hurdle cleared for I-375 22:59 Local bridge bundling pilot kicks off 32:43 A Black History Month view from a veteran Michigan transportation leader 24:47 The Michigan tolling study, an update 21:10 Wireless charging and yet more mobility innovations in Corktown 32:23 Big snowfall is coming; how MDOT prepares 23:33 What federal funds can mean to Michigan bridges and innovations with carbon fiber 20:48 “I’m standing on the biggest infrastructure project in North America” 21:42 Who knew naming snowplows would be so popular? 17:08 What the heck is an aerial mobility corridor? 19:21 MDOT’s busy 2021 and more to come in 2022 19:41 A veteran researcher talks about why fatal crashes continue to rise in Michigan 29:36 An urban planner talks Complete Streets, collaboration and the future 24:14 $10 million federal grant will enhance connectivity in Detroit, with Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist and MDOT project manager Jon Loree 28:30 Shovel worthy transportation projects, acknowledging past mistakes and why so many crash deaths 20:21 A $1.2 trillion investment in infrastructure, some historic, global context 19:28