Becoming Me
Loneliness In Singlehood and Marriage
Loneliness In Singlehood and Marriage 55:44 Why Becoming Our Own Person Is Required to Mature in Love 43:12 "Doing The Right Thing" vs Being Authentically Loving 56:35 How God Led Me To Trust Him Through My Body 37:59 Attuning to vs Controlling Our Emotions 30:37 Life’s Interruption Is the Invitation To Your Real Work 31:53 Slowing Down Is About Freedom 28:04 Why Your Self-Knowledge Needs To Be More Specific 44:03 Why Striving Harder Doesn't Work In Our Interior Journey 39:51 How Do I Balance Compassion and Zeal? 28:29 How Do I Respond From Interior Freedom? 37:57 Timing, Grace and Readiness in the Interior Journey 29:57 3 Ways Spiritualising Blinds Us From Truth 42:42 Becoming Free(er) from Parental Wounds 53:41 Rebuilding Trust With Our Emotions 47:47 Coming Home to Yourself 48:18 Noticing the Patterns of Our Brokenness 39:24 Why I Began my Interior Journey (Loneliness) 24:52 Overcoming "Perfectionist Paralysis" In The Interior Journey 31:03 Exploring Safety, Trust, and Healing in Faith (with Brya Hanan LMFT) 1:09:56 How Our Desire For Self-Fulfilment Can Lead Us Into Fruitful Service 38:55 3 Ways Our Scripts Keep Us From Becoming Who We Are 46:52 Why Can't I Trust The Design God Gave Me? 47:47 The Burden of Expectations In Different Seasons of Life 52:27 The Pace of Soul Work (with Edwina Yeow) 1:16:39