Electrify This!

Connecting the Dots: Cooking, Climate, and Clean Air

August 17, 2022 Sara Baldwin, Energy Innovation, LLC Season 2 Episode 5
Electrify This!
Connecting the Dots: Cooking, Climate, and Clean Air
Show Notes

Did you know the gas that heats many of our buildings, cooks our food, and dries our clothes causes air pollution? Recent studies demonstrate the climate and health harms of burning gas indoors, particularly in our kitchens. Gas stoves can emit up to 1.3 percent of the gas as unburned methane—a powerful greenhouse gas—along with other health-damaging air pollutants. Fortunately, electrified stoves offer a physician- and chef-approved solution! This episode stirs up this hot topic with a pediatrician, a senior research scientist and a professional chef discussing ways we can all cook clean! 

Guest Bios:
Dr. Curtis Nordgaard is a pediatrician and is part of a group called PSE Healthy Energy, where he does research on natural gas and its implications for human health. Dr. Nordgaard holds two Master of Science degrees in Psychology and Biology from McMaster University, and a Medical Degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School. He completed his residency training at the Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School combined training program in pediatrics. He also trains resident pediatricians at a community health center in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

Dr. Eric Lebel is a Senior Scientist at PSE Healthy Energy, where he does research on emissions of methane and health-damaging air pollutants, including those from abandoned oil and gas wells and residential appliances. He has worked to develop new methods for quantifying emissions of methane and other pollutants throughout the state of California, authoring several research studies on the topic. Eric graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Environmental Earth System Science.

Chef Christopher Galarza, Founder of Forward Dining Solutions LLC, is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and podcaster renowned for his work in kitchen electrification. He is the country’s foremost expert in commercial electric-kitchens, and he works with governments, manufacturers, brands, designers, and chefs to create lasting sustainable kitchens and culinary ecosystems. Chef Galarza has worked for Carnegie Melon University, Monterey Bay of Pittsburgh, and The Greenbrier of WV where he apprenticed under several Certified Master Chefs and culinary Olympians. 

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Note: This episode was recorded prior to the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes new incentives for electrification, including for induction and electric stoves.