Magnetic Abundance Podcast With Jocelyn Chong

Stop playing small with Kaki Lee, Founder of Unlimited Abundance Academy

March 10, 2022 Jocelyn Chong Season 1 Episode 49
Magnetic Abundance Podcast With Jocelyn Chong
Stop playing small with Kaki Lee, Founder of Unlimited Abundance Academy
Show Notes

“When you tell yourself you’re not enough, you are also telling yourself that you are not deserving and when you tell yourself you are not deserving, you are telling yourself you don’t love yourself.   Self-love, I truly believe is where everything stems from”  Kaki Lee

In this episode, Kaki Lee shares why she left twenty years of healthcare industry where she held senior positions in the top hospital in Australia to embark on her personal healing and spiritual journey.  She shares her wisdom and helpful tips, how you can live an abundant life by rewriting your stories, and  still be nice and good to serve humanity.

Kaki Lee is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her main endeavors include being a mother of two, a hustle free Coach, Healer, Founder of Unlimited Abundance Academy, Share Trader and Host of The Awakened Feminine Podcast. She combines her science background with a logical and intuitive approach to help her clients release their limiting beliefs and blocks so they can live a life they truly deserve.

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