Magnetic Networking Accelerator Podcast With Jocelyn Chong

How to choose the right coach with Else Johnson.

March 27, 2022 Jocelyn Chong Season 1 Episode 51
Magnetic Networking Accelerator Podcast With Jocelyn Chong
How to choose the right coach with Else Johnson.
Show Notes

"Remember it is already tomorrow in New Zealand, sometimes we think our troubles are so dire. But someone is ahead of us already. There is always someone you can go to, people will see you, hear you and take you to the next level"  Else Johnson

Surround yourself with the people who love you just as you are.

In this episode, Else Johnson shares her personal pain and breakthroughs ,  daily rituals and diverse experience living in 6 beautiful countries : China, Spain, Switzerland, Holland,USA and Denmark. She offers some helpful tips on how to choose and engage the right Coach who can help you uplevel either in your relationship, career, health, finances and business. 

About Else Johnson.
She is a Mindset coach for creative, high-achieving Entrepreneurs and their teams. She is an out-of-the-box thinker whose life and career have taken unexpected twists and turns and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives to approach life and business on their terms. Her lifelong passion and study of human behavior combined with an extensive career in finance and entrepreneurship provide a solid foundation for helping her clients achieve their full potential. She helps her clients untangle the cobweb of self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them from up-leveling their business and life.

Her unique holistic coaching process combines neuroscience, the healing arts, her experience with entrepreneurial challenges, and old fashioned common sense. It’s a straightforward, direct approach that guides her clients to face the root causes and realize a profound transformation that leads to clarity, optimal happiness, and success.

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About the Podcast Host:
Imagine a world where women can limitlessly converge their skills and talents with their heart's ambition. Purpose-driven, these empowered individuals draw from their authentic inner selves to create lives by design.

They become initiators of value, role models, influential leaders — lighting the path for others. All while earning with ease and grace, proving what is possible when you answer the calling of your soul.

Hi, I'm Jocelyn Chong (Founder of Seed to Sequoia), and this is the world I'm building. As a Certified Business and Life Coach, I equip women with the tools to hear their inner voice, accomplish fulfilling goals and transform into their most exceptional selves.

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