Magnetic Abundance Podcast With Jocelyn Chong

Liza Kuzman on honouring and embracing your own truth.

May 27, 2022 Jocelyn Chong Season 1 Episode 57
Magnetic Abundance Podcast With Jocelyn Chong
Liza Kuzman on honouring and embracing your own truth.
Show Notes

Are you feeling safe with yourself?  Are you honoring your own truth? If you desire to be in complete alignment with who you are,  this episode is for you!

I’m so grateful to have Liza Kuzman who came from 15 years of clinical social work, a podcast host, leadership coach and entrepreneur on this podcast show. 

Liza  and I cover navigating the joys and struggles of honoring your true self, some helpful self-care strategies. She also shared her background on what has inspired her to  start her business in 2016 and the importance of embracing your own truth. 

About Lisa Kuzman 

She was  a clinical social worker turned leadership coach for people of influence who's making trauma-sensitive education just as exciting as the 6-figure launch because nothing's sexier than safe!   She's on a mission to make learning about this topic fun and inviting while still respecting the complexity and reverence it deserves. She draws from her 15 years of mental health experience as a social worker and personal trauma survivorship to teach, normalize ongoing supervision and offer continuing education for coaches!

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About the Podcast Host:

Imagine a world where women can limitlessly converge their skills and talents with their heart's ambition. Purpose-driven, these empowered individuals draw from their authentic inner selves to create lives by design.

They become initiators of value, role models, influential leaders — lighting the path for others. All while earning with ease and grace, proving what is possible when you answer the calling of your soul.

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