QUO Fast Radio Bursts

CHANG-ES Make It So ft. Judith Irwin

March 08, 2021 Queen's Observatory Season 2 Episode 6
QUO Fast Radio Bursts
CHANG-ES Make It So ft. Judith Irwin
Show Notes


The CHANG-ES Collaboration:

  • CHANG-ES stands for: Continuum Halos in Nearby Galaxies - an EVLA Survey
  • Observing many galaxies they can combine the data to see the very faint average galaxy halo
  • They have found a consistent X-shaped magnetic field coming out of edge on spiral galaxies
  • Theoretically this can be explained with a galaxy scale magnetic dynamo (which is the same theory for Earth's magnetic field)
  • The dynamo model of galaxy magnetic fields is also consistent with an exciting new observation of alternating field directions 

Looking to the Future:

  • The CHANG-ES collaboration plans plans to seek even fainter magnetic fields using new powerful telescopes such as the MeerKAT and in the future the SKA
  • Observing these magnetic fields in other galaxies (like Elliptical galaxies) is challenging unless they have a good source of cosmic rays
  • Adding more galaxies to the CHANG-ES collection of observations will help for detecting faint signals

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Special thanks to Colin Vendromin for the music, also thanks to Zac Kenny for the logo!