Our Brains Hurt

Joe Queer Visits for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2020 Ron and Matt Season 1 Episode 9
Our Brains Hurt
Joe Queer Visits for Thanksgiving
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Show Notes

On this episode of OBH we welcome Joe Queer of legendary punk band The Queers.  Joe talks about the upcoming Queers album "The Queers Save the World" and how he received inspiration on the writing of the album from Joey Ramone. He gives us inside information on some of the things he learned from The Ramones and he reflects on his music career which has now spanned 5 decades. Joe also talks candidly about the current PC/cancel culture that is plaguing punk rock.

The Queers links:
The Queers Facebook Page
The Queers Instagram Page
Pre-Order the new Queers album here

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