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Detoxing the Pineal Gland: Claudia Weitkemper LAC

December 19, 2020 Maryon Maass, ERYT-500, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Qi Gong Episode 6
Master The Pause
Detoxing the Pineal Gland: Claudia Weitkemper LAC
Show Notes

Claudia Weitkemper’s business is called “Natural Healing Ways”.

She is a National and California licensed Acupuncturist, a Naturopathic Doctor, Kriya Yoga Teacher, StarSeed Evolve Coach, Certified Spirit Coach®, Energy Healer, the author of Evolve for Peace, Minister and a Nurse.

Claudia is an amazing well-rounded healer in many modalities.

She developed a 6-month Evolve Coaching Program to help you on all Levels, Body, Emotions/Mind and Spirit.

She supports you in your journey to your fullest potential, vibrant health, joy and radiance. 

Enjoy the energy, breath healing from Claudia in the podcast.

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