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Calming Minds: How breath and voice can calm your mind

June 19, 2021 Maryon Maass, ERYT-500, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Qi Gong Episode 15
Master The Pause
Calming Minds: How breath and voice can calm your mind
Show Notes

Imagine being able to calm your mind on demand. It takes intention and practice.

But it's easier than you may think. Discover how changing your voice can change your state of mind.Dr. Susheela Prem holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with research in gratitude and self-transcendence.

Her 7Seeds® Model of Human Development spans somatic awareness, personal transformation through creative expression, and soul essence alignment. She spent several years facilitating 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation and assisting in Clarity Breathwork training.

In her thirties, she devoted herself to (a Gurukulam) living, studying, and teaching in an ashram in India, offering yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, assisting in training yoga teachers, and guiding silent retreats while supporting the academic director in curricula writing and mentoring teachers in training.

In her twenties, she created a marketing agency in Germany, bringing a meditative approach to sales and marketing. Dr. Susheela currently resides on the US West-Coast, offering Soul Essence Embodiment Coaching and Personal Intensives. Discover her modality in her upcoming book 7Seeds® of Coaching.

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