Master The Pause

Mastering Bliss from The Breath Observation, Dr. Dale Buegle Psychiatrist, and Yogi

September 04, 2021 Maryon Maass, ERYT-500, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Qi Gong Episode 19
Master The Pause
Mastering Bliss from The Breath Observation, Dr. Dale Buegle Psychiatrist, and Yogi
Show Notes

Dr. Dale Buegel has practiced and taught yoga for 40+ years. Dr. Buegel continues the work of Swami Rama’s dream to integrate the ancient teachings of yoga with modern science and culture. Students around the world have appreciated Dr. Buegel’s clear instruction and explanation of the fine points of yoga practices. He is ERYT-500 certified and serves as faculty for a number of Yoga Alliance certified teaching programs.

Dr. Buegel received his medical training from the University of Minnesota, with post-graduate training from Northwestern University Medical School and The Medical College of Wisconsin. While practicing complementary medicine and psychiatry for 25 years in both outpatient and inpatient settings, Dr. Buegel integrated his knowledge of yoga, bodywork disciplines, energetic healing modalities, homeopathy, and nutritional science with traditional treatment offerings. Dr. Buegel’s energetic healing training in the disciplines of Esoteric Healing, Reiki.

The current release of "Practical Samāyā Tantra" follows the prior release of "Practical Yoga Sūtras". Like the previous text, "Practical Samāyā Tantra" is a revisiting of the path of yoga originally outlined by the ancient sages


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