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Hone your Breathing Skills with QI GONG Master Tevia Feng; White Tiger Qi Gong

September 18, 2021 Maryon Maass, ERYT-500, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Qi Gong Episode 20
Master The Pause
Hone your Breathing Skills with QI GONG Master Tevia Feng; White Tiger Qi Gong
Show Notes

Tevia Feng Practicing Martial Artist, since the age of 7. He is a Qi Gong teacher who journeyed all around China and the world seeking the greatest masters. He aquired rare skills, from unique breathing techniques and exercieses to delving into the heart of Qi energy. 

Tevia has since been published in featured articles in the largest Qi Gong Magazine of the world. He has published 3 books on Qi Gong, as well as translated into several languages. He has been named one of the top Qi Gong masters in Indonesia.

As the Qi Gong master instructor of WHITE TIGER QI GONG, he has taught 1000's of students literally on every continent. He works closely with the terminally ill individuals, to professional athletes, ballet dancers, and vitualy all professions and more.

Through WHITE TIGER, his mission is to open the pathway for people to ignite transformation and maximize potential, scaling across communities creating a global movement of shift in consciousness for global healing.


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