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How Nicholas, Swim Coach, overcame asthma in his youth

November 06, 2021 Maryon Maass, ERYT-500, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Qi Gong Episode 23
Master The Pause
How Nicholas, Swim Coach, overcame asthma in his youth
Show Notes

Nick Cruse is 22 years old. He’s been coaching at Marin Aquatic Masters Swimming for many years, and has been a swimmer his whole life.

In his youth his mother, Shari, also a swim coach, put him in swim classes on the recomendation of their physician and overcame a case of asthma.

He’s currently a student at Sonoma State University, studying communications. In college his sport is rowing and has interests in weightlifting, and running, and utilizes the breath with these sports.

To swim and learn with Nicholas Cruse :


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