Sports Break

Donna Orender

December 17, 2020 She Plays Episode 11
Sports Break
Donna Orender
Show Notes

We got to chat with Donna Orender! Donna is (to name a few things) a former professional basketball player, the former president of the WNBA, a former PGA TOUR Senior Executive, and current CEO of Orender Unlimited. She is a nationally-recognized business leader, innovative thinker, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author. Donna founded Generation W as a venue to bring women together and build thought leadership, confidence and engagement around the currency of great ideas.

Today, Generation W is an ever growing and enthusiastic community, a national non-profit, that embraces the guiding tenets of education, inspiration, and connection and the power of women’s leadership. Check out Donna's best-selling book, WOWsdom: The girls guide to the positive and the possible.

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